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Institutional maintenance in healthcare project management

Bulut, Emre
The study area of this thesis is exploring institutional work theory and institutional maintenance within the context of healthcare project management in the Turkish branch of a multinational company. The main objective of this thesis is to understand how the projects as an institutional practice are completed successfully in a very challenging and dynamic environment, and how they are maintained in the organization. The study utilizes qualitative research techniques on data obtained from meeting, field observations, and interview notes of institutional actors. The findings indicate that there are mechanisms contributing to institutional maintenance. Internal interaction within each department provides the continuity of their own integrity and helps reproduction of their own meaning frameworks. Therefore, the departments are differentiated within themselves and this situation increases the need for coordination between different departments. Rules, norms, and relations are the main contributors to institutional maintenance. Rules and norms can be considered as value shapers in the institution and they enable actors to continue acting their roles, and since people live in a social context, the improved relationships with others increase productivity for everyone. There are also supporting mechanisms that increase the impact of both rules, norms, and relations.