Upstream structural management measures for an urban area flooding in Turkey

Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal
Surer, S.
Mumcu, H.
In recent years, flooding has become an increasing concern across many parts of the world of both the general public and their governments. The climate change inducing more intense rainfall events occurring in short period of time lead flooding in rural and urban areas. In this study the flood modelling in an urbanized area, namely Samsun-Terme in Blacksea region of Turkey is performed. MIKE21 with flexible grid is used in 2-dimensional shallow water flow modelling. 1 x 1000(-1) scaled maps with the buildings for the urbanized area and 1 x 5000(-1) scaled maps for the rural parts are used to obtain DTM needed in the flood modelling. The bathymetry of the river is obtained from additional surveys. The main river passing through the urbanized area has a capacity of 500 m(3) s(-1) according to the design discharge obtained by simple ungauged discharge estimation depending on catchment area only. The upstream structural base precautions against flooding are modelled. The effect of four main upstream catchments on the flooding in the downstream urban area are modelled as different scenarios. It is observed that if the flow from the upstream catchments can be retarded through a detention pond constructed in one of the upstream catchments, estimated Q(100) flood can be conveyed by the river without overtopping from the river channel. The operation of the upstream detention ponds and the scenarios to convey Q(500) without causing flooding are also presented. Structural management measures to address changes in flood characteristics in water management planning are discussed.


Utilization of numerical weather prediction models for flood planning and operational studies in datascarce basins
Bozkurt, Okan Çağrı; Merzi, Nuri; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal; Department of Civil Engineering (2020-9)
With the increasing rates of urbanization, floods have become a more critical problem day by day. Consequently, the perception arises that the flood control structures have become insufficient. Well-calibrated weather forecasting and hydrological models are important complementary tools to reduce the damage caused by floods. Such applications can yield results as useful as structural measures. In this study, the effects of the use of numerical weather forecasting and hydrological models on structural and no...
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