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Dogulu, Nilay; Bhattacharya, Biswa; Solomatine, Dimitri P.; Bernhofer, Christian; Bateman, Allen; Brilly, Mitja (2015-07-03)
Flood risk management (FRM) has emerged as a key concern posing significant engineering and societal challenges in all around the world. Management of and adaptation to increased flood risk is therefore essential, and requ...
Strengthening of infilled walls with CFRP sheets
Ersoy, U; Ozcebe, G; Tankut, T; Akyuz, U; Erduran, E; Erdem, I (2003-05-13)
Introducing RC infills to selected bays in both directions is an effective approach for strengthening existing buildings having various deficiencies. However, if adopted for buildings in use, the building would need to be ...
Occupant friendly seismic retrofit (OFR) of RC framed buildings
Baran, M; Duvarci, M; Tankut, T; Ersoy, U; Ozcebe, G (2003-05-13)
An innovative non-evacuation retrofitting technique is being developed for RC buildings. The introduction of cast-in-place RC infill walls is very effective, but involves messy construction work and requires evacuation. Th...
In service seismic strengthening of RC framed buildings
Tankut, Tugrul; Ersoy, Ugur; Ozcebe, Guney; Baran, Mehmet; Okuyucu, Dilek (2005-06-01)
An innovative non-evacuation retrofitting technique has been developed for RC buildings, which form the major portion of the existing stock in Turkey. The introduction of cast-in-place RC infill walls, connected to existin...
Harmonization of Seismic Hazard and Risk Reduction in the Vrancea Zone: Scientific Results of a NATO Research Project
Zaicenco, A.; Craifaleanu, I. -G.; Paskaleva, I.; Ozcebe, G.; Lungu, D. (2010-10-08)
The paper presents some of the main scientific results achieved within the framework of a recently completed NATO Science for Peace and Security research project. The project aimed to harmonize the different seismic risk m...
Discrete Optimization of Truss Structure using Probability Collectives
Kulkarni, Anand J.; Kale, I. R.; Tai, K.; Azad, S. Kazemzadeh (2012-12-07)
Traditionally, complex systems were treated using centralized approaches; however, recent trends highlighted that the growing complexity can be best dealt by decomposing the entire system into subsystems and further treat ...
A comparative study on the strengthening of RC frames
Erdem, I; Akyuz, U; Ersoy, U; Ozcebe, G (2003-05-13)
In order to improve the behavior of buildings and in order to prevent total collapse, necessary amount of strengthening must be provided. The frame of the test specimen (1/3 scaled, 2-story, 3-bay) is detailed such that it...
Koleva, G.; Sandu, I.; Akkar, S. (2008-05-20)
In displacement-based engineering, the maximum interstory drift ratio (MIDR) is one of the most influential parameters for evaluating the seismic performance of existing structural systems. MIDR is also a key parameter in ...
Improved embedded beam elements for the modelling of piles
Engin, H. K.; Septanika, E. G.; Brinkgreve, R. B. J. (2007-04-27)
The embedded pile model is developed in Plaxis 3D Foundation Beta Version, to describe the pile-soil interaction in a foundation and to provide a numerical model for describing non-linear behaviour of the pile-soil interac...
Socket friction capacity of large diameter drilled shafts in highly weathered rock
Erol, Orhan; Horoz, Atilla; Saglamer, Ahmet (2005-01-01)
Field load test of three drilled shafts socketed in completely weathered and exteremely fractured metadiorite / amphibolite were conducted using the Osterberg load cell. The objective of the testing was to determine the up...