Comparison of network analysis with line of nalance in a linear repetitive construction project.

Albulak, M. Zeki


Comparison of Frequency Analysis with Density Based Clustering in Evaluating Extreme Streamflows
Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin(2018-12-31)
Analysis of streamflow data has significant importance concerning sustainable use of water resources, planning supply of short and long term demands. Streamflow, unlike many other completely random variables, is a dependent variable which is closely related to both meteorological (such as precipitation, temperature) and catchment characteristics (such as land use and soil type). Thus inter-dependencies should be taken into consideration while analyzing streamflow. Besides this, while analyzing streamflow da...
Comparison of the Performance of K-Nearest Neighbours and Generalized Neural Network in Construction Crew Productivity Prediction
Oral, Okyanus; Oral, Emel (2021-05-01)
Comparison of Fine Grained and Coarse Grained Parallel Models in Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Baştürk, Alper; Akay, Rüştü; Kalınlı, Adem (2011-11-23)
Many optimization problems are generally complex and required to be solved in parallel architectures due to theircomputational costs. The main issue about the parallelism is that the parallel architectures may affect the performancebecause the original models are constructed based upon the sequential architectures. Therefore, the parallelizationapproaches should consider the efficiency in addition to reducing computational cost. The objective of this paper is two-fold.First goal is presenting a parallelizat...
Comparison of geostatistics and artificial neural networks in reservoir property estimation
Arzuman, Sadun; Karahanoğlu, Nurkan; Department of Geological Engineering (2009)
In this dissertation, 3D surface seismic data was integrated with the well logs to be able to define the properties in every location for the reservoir under investigation. To accomplish this task, geostatistical and artificial neural networks (ANN) techniques were employed. First, missing log sets in the study area were estimated using common empirical relationships and ANN. Empirical estimations showed linear dependent results that cannot be generalized. On the other hand, ANNs predicted missing logs with...
Comparison of hydraulic transportation with other kinds of transportation systems used in mortaş bauxite mine.
Bilir, Ömer Gündüz; Department of Mining Engineering (1969)
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M. Z. Albulak, “Comparison of network analysis with line of nalance in a linear repetitive construction project.,” Middle East Technical University, 1980.