Development of a new solver for nonlinear parabolic phenomena

Altundağ, M. Seçil


Development of a closely coupled approach for solution of static and dynamic aeroelastic problems
Başkut, Erkut; Seber, Güçlü; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2010)
In this thesis a fluid-structure coupling procedure which consists of a commercial flow solver, FLUENT, a finite element structural solver, MSC/NASTRAN, and the coupling interface between the two disciplines is developed in order to solve static and dynamic aeroelastic problems. The flow solver relies on inviscid Euler equations with finite volume discretization. In order to perform faster computations, multiple processors are parallelized. Closely coupled approach is used to solve the coupled field aeroela...
Development of a tool for prediction of the orbital parameters of earth observation satellites
Altay, Alkan; Karsli, Gizem; Oezkan, Ahmet (2007-06-16)
Development of a tool that predicts the orbital parameters of a satellite from an initial state vector for a specified time interval is addressed. The elements used in the algorithm are presented. The prediction performance of the algorithm is demonstrated by using the two line elements of a GPS satellite and the CHAMP scientific satellite.
Development of a simulation software for high resolution ECG signals
Yılmaz, Serdar; İder, Ziya; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1998)
Development of a new pull-out testing system for rock bolts
Taşel, Erdil; Ünal, Erdal; Department of Mining Engineering (1999)
Development of an alternative sampler for the atmospheric gaseous pollutants
Karakaş, Duran; Tunçel, Semra; Department of Chemistry (1993)
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M. S. Altundağ, “Development of a new solver for nonlinear parabolic phenomena,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.