Pollution and self-purification of Ankara Stream (Water Phase).

Sürücü, Gülerman


Pollution and self-purification of Ankara Stream (Bottom Deposit Phase).
Orbay, Erdal; Department of Civil Engineering (1968)
Pollution of an aquifer by produced oil field water
Okandan, E; Gumrah, F; Demiral, B (2001-05-01)
Brine is produced from reservoirs as a waste material from crude oil and gas after processing. Waste water may be discharged at the surface or reinjected underground. When it is reinjected, it may be mixed with an underground fresh water source for several reasons. From this point of view, forecasting the pollutant concentrations by knowing the historical data at several locations on a field has great importance when planning the necessary precautions for environmental safety.
Pollution hstory of the golden horn
Teksöz, Gaye; Department of Environmental Engineering (1989)
Teksöz, Gaye; BALKAS, TI (1991-01-01)
Sediment accumulation in the Golden Horn has been established by means of a useful geochronological technique; 210Pb Radiometric Dating Method. The 210Pb dating technique revealed a sediment accumulation rate of 3.5 cm yr−1 which is very reasonable given the characteristics of the Golden Horn. The 210Pb profile also revealed three distinct levels in the sediments of the Golden Horn; a surface layer with nearly uniform activities, an exponential decay interval and a lower region with almost constant low act...
Pollution and International Trade: Evaluation of the Turkish Case Through Input-Output Analysis
Aşık, Serap; Akbostancı Özkazanç, Elif; Tunç, Gül İpek (2013-10-25)
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G. Sürücü, “Pollution and self-purification of Ankara Stream (Water Phase).,” Middle East Technical University, 1968.