Water measurement at farm turnouts.

Unutmaz, Orhan Zeki


Water measurements at farm turn-outs.
Gür, Adnan; Department of Civil Engineering (1965)
Water measurement in irrigation systems.
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Water Quality modelling in water distribution networks
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Water footprint assessment of mining and processing of gold
Güney, Emre; Demirel, Nuray; Department of Mining Engineering (2022-1-3)
Water management in mining industry has strategic importance due to the increasing water scarcity. Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) is a systematic way that provides an assessment of sustainable water management from multiple perspectives. The main objective of this study is to analyse the water footprint of mining and processing of gold and identifying hotspots of carbon in pulp (CIP) gold processing using WFA and life cycle assessment (LCA). In this study, after determining the goal and scope, data was co...
Water distribution network design by partial enumeration
Keleş, Gültekin; Merzi, Nuri; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Water distribution networks are being designed by traditional methods based on rules-of-thumb and personal experience of the designer. However, since there is no unique solution to any network design, namely there are various combinations of pipes, pumps, tanks all of which satisfy the same pressure and velocity restrictions, it is most probable that the design performed by traditional techniques is not the optimum one. This study deals how an optimization technique can be a useful tool for a designer durin...
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O. Z. Unutmaz, “Water measurement at farm turnouts.,” Middle East Technical University, 1968.