On the use of overlapping coordinates and almost periodic functions in dynamics.

Köprülü, Mehmet Akif


On the use of model-driven engineering principles for the management of simulation experiments
Dayibas, Orcun; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Yilmaz, Levent (Informa UK Limited, 2019-04-03)
Simulation experiments are an essential part of computational science and engineering. The use of simulation models is widely adopted by practitioners from diverse areas of applied sciences. Nevertheless, simulations are rarely replicated due to reuse and maintenance challenges related to models and data. In this respect, we propose that crucial and labor intensive parts of simulation experiments could be supported by model transformations. This work focuses on model-driven engineering practices to enable r...
On the use of complex stretching coordinates in generalized finite difference method with applications in inhomogeneous visco-elasto dynamics
Korkut, Fuat; Mengi, Yalcin; Tokdemir, Turgut (2022-01-01)
In the study, in conjunction with perfectly matched layer (PML) analysis, an approach is proposed for the evaluation of complex derivatives directly in terms of complex stretching coordinates of points in PML. For doing this within the framework of generalized finite difference method (GFDM), a difference equation is formulated and presented, where both the function values and coordinates of data points might be complex. The use of the proposed approach is considered in the analysis of inhomogeneous visco-e...
On the use of genetic algorithms for synthesis of signal temporal logic formulas
Aydin, Sertac Kagan; Aydın Göl, Ebru (2018-07-09)
In this work, we studied use of genetic algorithms to synthesize Signal Temporal Logic formulas from a labeled data set. In the synthesis problem, the goal is to generate the best STL formula representing the labeled signals in the set. To use genetic algoritms in this domain, the basic genetic algoritm processes are defined for STL formulas. The developed synthesis method produces a formula from the data set efficiently in a fully automated way. In particular, the proposed approach does not require an expe...
On the nonlinear buckling analysis of composite shells and the associated numerical difficulties
Akkas, N; Toroslu, R (1998-08-21)
The purpose of this work is to study nonlinear, snap-through buckling behavior of shallow shells which are made of isotropic and laminated composite materials under general static loading using numerical techniques. In addition to the finite difference computer programs which we developed for this special purpose, the general pur-pose computer program ANSYS has also been used. The special purpose programs that we have developed make use of the governing equations, which are in terms of the displacement comp...
On the methods for estimating the rate of littoral drift.
Aybars, Seçkin; Department of Civil Engineering (1972)
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M. A. Köprülü, “On the use of overlapping coordinates and almost periodic functions in dynamics.,” Middle East Technical University, 1969.