Overtopping of solitary waves at model sea dikes.

Yalciner, Ahmet Cevdet


Overtopping of solitary waves at model sea dikes
Oezhan, Erdal; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet (1991-01-01)
This paper discusses an analytical model for solitary wave overtopping at sea dikes. The model is based on the 'weir flow analogy' of Kikkawa et al.(1968). Results of laboratory test on smooth and impermeable model dikes with angles of 45°, 60° and 90° are utilized in constructing the model. Results for solitary waves are compared with those for regular oscillatory waves for the case of vertical dike.
Overtopping risk assessment in river diversion facility design
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2000-04-01)
Diversion canals supplemented with upstream and downstream cofferdams are constructed to divert river flow for the construction of diversion weirs. Insufficient canal capacity leads to overtopping of water from the crest of the upstream cofferdam and sides of the diversion canal, which is regarded as the dominant risk mode in the system. A dynamic reliability model, which is based on a resistance-loading methodology with random independent loading following a Poisson process and random fixed resistance, may...
Yaman, Mert; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Baykal, Cüneyt; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-5-11)
Rubble mount coastal structures are commonly used for protecting coastal utilities. Under storm conditions or extreme conditions, long waves attack those structures and cause overtopping. This overtopping phenomenon often results in water flow at the back side of the structure which consequently causes scour. In this thesis, different solitary-like waves and the backfill conditions are studied to understand the level of overtopping and maximum scour depth behind the structure due to the solitary-like wave c...
Reflection of solitary waves from porous structures.
Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet (1989-01-01)
Presents experimental data on the characteristics of the reflected wave which forms when a solitary wave meets a vertical porous structure. The wave flume laboratory experiments and results are discussed. Deformation of the reflected wave observed in these experiments was further investigated in computer simulation studies and is described in detail. The major findings of the study were: the reflected wave initially has the same value of the pulse width (phase) parameter as the incoming solitary wave, its p...
Transmission of regular waves past box type floating breakwaters.
Kanıt, Utku; Department of Civil Engineering (1975)
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A. C. Yalciner, “Overtopping of solitary waves at model sea dikes.,” Middle East Technical University, 1981.