Propagation of arc along a water jet and flashhover.

Ertan, Hulusi Bülent


Propagation of plastic waves in acircular tube subjected to an axial pressure.
Belin, Mehmet Bulent; Department of Civil Engineering (1975)
Propagation of waves from a spherical cavity with and without a shell embedment
Akkas, N; Zakout, U; Tupholme, GE (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2000-01-01)
A spherical cavity in an infinite, elastic medium with and without a shell embedment is subjected to axisymmetric, non-torsional surface loads in the radial and meridional directions. The so-called Residual Variable Method (RVM) is used to obtain exact, closed-form solutions of the wave propagation problems. Some representative numerical results are presented graphically for the stresses created in two realistic loading situations.
Propagation of transient out-of-plane shear waves in viscoelastic layered media
Abu-Alshaikh, I; Turhan, D; Mengi, Y (2001-12-01)
Propagation of two-dimensional transient out-of-plane shear waves in multilayered viscoelastic media is investigated. The multilayered medium consists of N different isotropic, homogeneous and linearly viscoelastic layers with more than one discrete relaxation time. The top surface of the layered medium is subjected to dynamic out-of-plane shear tractions; whereas, the lower surface is free or fixed. A numerical technique is employed to obtain the solution, which combines the Fourier transform with the meth...
Propagation of shock and rarefaction waves for the relativistic Burgers models on Reisnerr-Nordstrom spacetime.
Okutmuştur, Baver (null; 2017-08-17)
Propagation of ultra-short-pulse radiation in participating media: A Laguerre-Galerkin solution
Okutucu Özyurt, Hanife Tuba (2007-11-15)
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H. B. Ertan, “Propagation of arc along a water jet and flashhover.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.