Finite difference modelling of Edremit valley aquifers.

Ural, Turhan


Finite element analysis of laterally loaded piles.
Güneli, Zuhal; Department of Civil Engineering (1979)
Finite difference analysis of single and coupled transmission lines.
Gündoğan, Zeki; Department of Electrical Engineering (1987)
Finite Difference Solutions of 1D Magnetohydrodynamic Channel Flow With Slipping Walls
Arslan, Sinem (2018-06-08)
Finite element solutions for shallow waterwave equations.
Adıgüzel, M. Emin; Department of Mathematics (1979)
Finite Difference Solutions of 2D Magnetohydrodynamic Channel Flow in a Rectangular Duct
Arslan, Sinem (2019-10-04)
In this study, the MHD flow of an electrically conducting fluid is considered in a long channel (pipe) of rectangular cross-section along with the z-axis. The fluid is driven by a pressure gradient along the z-axis. The flow is steady, laminar, fully-developed and is influenced by an external magnetic field applied perpendicular to the channel axis. So, the velocity field V=(0,0,V) and the magnetic field B=(0, B_{0}, B) have only channel-axis components V and B depending only on the plane coordinates x an...
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T. Ural, “Finite difference modelling of Edremit valley aquifers.,” Middle East Technical University, 1978.