Hardware implementations of neural networks and the Random Neural Network Chip (RNNC)

Aybay, I
Cerkez, C
Halıcı, Uğur
Badaroglu, M
In this study, the basic properties of a number of important Neuro-chips, boards, and computers that have been physically produced shall be presented. Then, a digital MOS chip called RNNC, based on the random neural network model, shall be briefly discussed. The RNNC architecture is cascadable. The synapses of internal neurons within me chip are programmable. The RNNC circuit is implemented using the 0.7 mu m CMOS process.
13th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS 98)


Structured neural networks for modeling and identification of nonlinear mechanical systems
Kılıç, Ergin; Dölen, Melik; Koku, Ahmet Buğra; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2012)
Most engineering systems are highly nonlinear in nature and thus one could not develop efficient mathematical models for these systems. Artificial neural networks, which are used in estimation, filtering, identification and control in technical literature, are considered as universal modeling and functional approximation tools. Unfortunately, developing a well trained monolithic type neural network (with many free parameters/weights) is known to be a daunting task since the process of loading a specific pat...
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