Filter design by transformed variables.

Çiftçioğlu, Turhan


Filter design software by synthesis method
Yayla, İhsan; Yıldırım, Nevzat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
In this study, Window-based computer program, named Synthesis Software, is developed for designing filters with equal-ripple or maximally flat passbands and general stopbands by using cascade synthesis technique in transformed frequency domain. Synthesis technique is applicable to lumped element and commensurate line distributed element filters with Lowpass, Highpass or Bandpass characteristics. Singly or Doubly terminated filters can be synthesized. friendly environment for typing in the parameters of the ...
Delay optimizations and certain class of transitional filters.
Kocaoğlan, Erol; Ceyhun, Yurdakul; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1979)
Algorithm Overview and Design for Mixed Effects Models
Koca, Burcu; Gökalp Yavuz, Fulya (2021-06-06)
Linear Mixed Model (LMM) is an extended regression method that is used for longitudinal data which has repeated measures within the individual. It is natural to expect high correlation between these repeats over a period of time for the same individual. Since classical approaches may fail to cover these correlations, LMM handles this significant concern by introducing random effect terms in the model. Besides its flexible structure in terms of modeling, LMM has several application areas such as clinical tri...
Parameter Estimations for the Modified Izhikevich Neuron Model with Optimization Methods
Korkmaz, Nimet; Kılıç, Recai; Kalınlı, Adem; Öztürk, Ismail (null; 2017-06-02)
Parameter estimation in generalized partial linear models with Tikhanov regularization
Kayhan, Belgin; Karasözen, Bülent; Department of Scientific Computing (2010)
Regression analysis refers to techniques for modeling and analyzing several variables in statistical learning. There are various types of regression models. In our study, we analyzed Generalized Partial Linear Models (GPLMs), which decomposes input variables into two sets, and additively combines classical linear models with nonlinear model part. By separating linear models from nonlinear ones, an inverse problem method Tikhonov regularization was applied for the nonlinear submodels separately, within the e...
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T. Çiftçioğlu, “Filter design by transformed variables.,” Middle East Technical University, 1974.