Electromagnetic Reshaping via Anisotropic Metamaterials

Ozgun, Ozlem
Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa


Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting By Using Tunable Metamaterial Absorbers
Bakir, Mehmet; KARAASLAN, MUHARREM; Dincer, Furkan; Akgol, Oguzhan; ÜNAL, EMİN; DELİHACIOĞLU, KEMAL; Sabah, Cumali (2015-05-19)
In this study, electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesting by using metamaterial absorber is numerically explained. Operation frequency is 2.40 GHz since it is the industrical scientific and medical (ISM) band. This band is especially chosen due to most of the customer electronic devices are working in this band. Split ring resonator that have two splits on it used in this study, chip resistors are placed on these splits for wireless energy transfer to the devices. 83.6% efficient electromagnetic energy harvesti...
Electromagnetic mass differences of nucleons and Δ-baryons in the skyrme model
Ebrahim, A. ; Savcı, Mustafa (1989-08-17)
The numerical values predicted for the electromagnetic mass differences of nucleons and Δ-baryons in the Skyrme model are obtained and inaccuracies in previously reported values are pointed out.
Least-squares finite element solution of Euler equations with H-type mesh refinement and coarsening on triangular elements
AKARGUN, Hayri Yigit; Sert, Cüneyt (2014-01-01)
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate successful use of least-squares finite element method (LSFEM) with h-type mesh refinement and coarsening for the solution of two-dimensional, inviscid, compressible flows.
Broadband spectral splitting of white light via 2D diffractive optical elements
Başay, Yalın; Yüce, Emre (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2018-10-01)
An effective way of increasing the efficiency of solar cells is to spectrally split sunlight into several frequencies and absorb each frequency using appropriate photovoltaic materials. In this study, we establish a method to show spectral splitting of broadband solar light via iteratively optimized diffractive optical elements. We develop an algorithm in order to calculate 2D holographic patterns that focus two different frequencies to designated positions.
Nonlinear Time-Varying Dynamic Analysis of a Multi-Mesh Spur Gear Train
Yavuz, Siar Deniz; Saribay, Zihni Burcay; Ciğeroğlu, Ender (2016-01-28)
The nonlinear dynamics of a multi-mesh spur gear train is considered in this study. The gear train consists of three spur gears, with one of the gears in mesh with the other two. Dynamic model includes gear backlash in the form of clearance-type displacement functions and time variation of gear mesh stiffness. The system is reduced to a two-degree-of-freedom definite model by using the relative gear mesh displacements as the coordinates. The equations of motion are solved for periodic steady-state response ...
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O. Ozgun and M. Kuzuoğlu, “Electromagnetic Reshaping via Anisotropic Metamaterials,” 2008, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/53271.