The Final Phase on Merging Ceramics with Glass



The feasibility study for an enhanced geothermal system application in Dikili-İzmir region
Turan, Ayşegül; Artun, Emre; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2016-9)
For Turkey, one sustainable way to increase the clean energy share in the power generation can be the utilization of geothermal resources as they are abundant, reliable, domestic and able to provide base load. This study aims to investigate the untapped potential of hot dry rock systems to generate power. Dikili-İzmir geothermal field is selected as a case study with four different production scenarios. Accessible resource base and recoverable heat energy are calculated by employing a probabilistic approach...
The Investigation DO3-type Fe3M (M=Al, Ga, Si and Ge) Full-Heusler Alloys Within First Principles Study
Full-Heusler Fe3M (M=Al, Ga, Si and Ge) alloys whose crystal structure is DO3-type disordered structure which conforms to Fm (3) over barm space group, have been investigated by using Local Spin Density Approximation (LSDA) and Generalized Gradient Spin Approximation (GGSA) in the Density Functional Theory (DFT) as implemented in VASP (Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package) software. After the examination of ground states of our materials in DO3-type structure, their full structural, mechanical properties and...
The Future Ecosystem Funchtıoning of the black sea under Changıng Clımatologıcal and fısheries
Salihoğlu, Barış; Akoğlu, Ekin; Oğuz, Temel (null; 2015-10-25)
The restoration project of a group of buildings in Ayvalık
Marmasan, Önder; Madran, Emre; Department of Restoration (1988)
The Design of a graduated tuition system for the higher eduction in Turkey
Aytekin, Serap; Koyuncu, İbrahim; Department of Educational Sciences (2001)
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