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Recent Submissions

Müzik Nasıl Anlatılır: Gülsin Onay İle Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi
Bican, Mine (2022-11-01)
Trafik Psikolojisi Nasıl anlatılır: Bahar Öz İle Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi
Bican, Mine (2022-10-01)
Sanat Nasıl anlatılır: İpek Duben İle Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi
Bican, Mine (2022-08-01)
1950-2000 Yılları Arasında Ankara’daki Sergi Mekânları ve Galeriler
Bican, Mine (2022-07-01)
Cumhuriyet ideolojisinin temellerinin atıldığı başkent Ankara, modern Türkiye’nin kültürel kimliğinin belirlendiği ve aynı zamanda birçok sanat ve kültür etkinliğinin sistemli bir şekilde yaşantımıza kazandırıldığı kent o...
Mimarlık Tarihi Nasıl Anlatılır: Suna Güven İle Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi
Bican, Mine (2022-07-01)
Sanat Tarihi Nasıl Anlatılır: Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu ile Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi
Bican, Mine (2022-05-01)
Küçük Ama Etkili, Genco Gülan ve "Biometrik Resimler"
Bican, Mine (2021-07-01)
The object of art, which exists ‘presently’: Performance art
Işıtman, Ödül (2021-03-01)
AbstractThe break between object and image was added to the perception of reality and truth which changed with the Internet, social networks and the like in the 1990s. The possibilities that technology provides completed t...
Development of ceria and tungsten promoted nickel/alumina catalysts for steam reforming of diesel
Bozdag, A. Arslan; Kaynar, A. D. Deniz; Doğu, Timur; Sezgi, Naime Aslı (Elsevier BV, 2019-12-01)
Use of diesel fuel for on-board hydrogen production for auxiliary power units (APUs) through diesel steam reforming (DSR) reaction is a promising route. Coke minimization for cheap and active Ni/Al2O3 catalyst is necessary...
A Predecessor of the 2nd World War during Atatürk’s Era and a History of Creation of an American Camp: US Chief of Staff’s Turkey Visit Ramifications to the Present
Yorgun, İbrahim (2019-10-01)
It is a social memory among many communities of the 20th century as well as a presentation within the academic circles and publications that the 2nd World War was triggered in the Balkans due to the conflicts among various...
Somewhere beyond hyper-reality
Işıtman, Ödül (2018-12-01)
According to Baudrillard, the reality has changed and turned into a reality simulation, namely a hologram. It is this transformation that made Baudrillard say ‘God is not dead, he has become hyper-real’ in response to Niet...
The lord of the postmodernity: Plagiarism
Işıtman, Ödül (2018-05-01)
Today's art, which is dominated by postmodernism, evolves into a completely different sense of art that reverses the system over its own weapon and changes all the known values of art. Postmodern art, which focuses on ques...
Producers of contemporary art: X, Y, Z generations
Işıtman, Ödül (2017-05-01)
Exhibiting Art The Case of ODTÜSanat
Işıtman, Ödül (2016-02-01)
The Final Phase on Merging Ceramics with Glass
Işıtman, Ödül (2014-01-01)
Coke Minimization in Dry Reforming of Methane by Ni Based Mesoporous Alumina Catalysts Synthesized Following Different Routes: Effects of W and Mg
ARBAĞ, HÜSEYİN; YAŞYERLİ, SENA; YAŞYERLİ, NAİL; Doğu, Timur; DOĞU, GÜLŞEN (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-12-01)
Ni based mesoporous alumina (MA) catalysts were synthesized by sol-gel (SGA) and hydrothermal (MA) methods, following impregnation and one-pot synthesis routes and catalytic performances of these materials were tested in d...
Transformation of Nicotiana tabacum with a NAC-type transcription factor, TaNAC69-1
Eroğlu, Ahmet Ümit; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; YÜCEL, MUSTAFA (2012-09-23)
ODTÜ 13 Sanat Festivali Sergisi
Işıtman, Ödül (2012-07-01)
Exploration Studies with Ceramics and Glass
Işıtman, Ödül (2012-01-01)
The underlying thought of Isitman's research is to merge ceramic as ceramic and glass as glass; as an example, to integrate the two materials, in the same kiln and without changing their structures. This paper explains exp...
Technical Processes in Pit-fire
Işıtman, Ödül (2012-01-01)
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