Semanticook: A Web Application for Nutrition Consultancy for Diabetics

This paper presents a web application whose purpose is to provide consulting for diabetic nutrution. The system has two main modules which are the carbohydrate counting module and the recipe module. The purpose is to make diabetic diets more flexible with the help of carbohydrate counting and also help patients cook meals with the materials they have at hand, which can be described as a reverse recipe and also informs them about the carbohydrate amounts of their meal and validates the suitability of those meals with their diets. The modules are implemented with JSP in the presentation layer, Java Servlet technology in the controller mechanism and data is stored in MySQL database and OWL ontology.
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E. Akkoc and F. N. Çiçekli, “Semanticook: A Web Application for Nutrition Consultancy for Diabetics,” 2011, vol. 240, p. 215, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: