Air pollution modelling studies in the city of Ankara

Atımtay, Aysel
Kayin, S
This paper is based on the pollution inventory study titled 'Preparation of Envision Inventories in Environmentally Sensitive Zones-Ankara Subproject'. The study covers the area of Greater City Ankara. As a result of the inventory studies main sources of air pollution have been identified and the pollution load of Ankara atmosphere has been calculated. In this study the level S02 concentrations in Ankara has been calculated by using ISCST dispersion model. The 596 grids defined in an area of 52kmx42km are accepted as receptor grids and the contribution of each area source on itself and other areas have been calculated. The highest average S02 concentration countour obtained during the writer months is 337 ggIM3 (6 month average), However, for yearly average the highest concentration counter is found to be at 152 IIg,M3.
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A. Atımtay and S. Kayin, “Air pollution modelling studies in the city of Ankara,” 1997, p. 432, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: