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Molybdenum and uranium from remote continental origin at Pico summit, Pico island, Azores, Portugal
Freitas, Maria do Carmo; Pacheco, Adriano M. G.; Tuncel, Guedal (2007-10-12)
The present study looks into aerosols collected by a land-based, seven-wavelength Aethalometer, from the lower-free troposphere close to the summit of the Pico mountain (top height: 2351 m; sampling height: 2225 m), in Pic...
A new approach to mathematical water quality modeling in reservoirs: Neural networks
Karul, C; Soyupak, S; Germen, E (1998-01-01)
Neural Networks are becoming more and more valuable tools for system modeling and function approximation as computing power of microcomputers increase. Modeling of complex ecological systems such as reservoir limnology is ...
Chemical concentrations and elements size distributions of aerosols in the eastern Mediterranean during strong dust storms
Gullu, GH; Olmez, I; Tuncel, G (1995-10-07)
In 1993 three strong dust episodes occurred in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin during the rainy season September and October. During dust episodes, and at normal conditions in order to compare dust and non-dust period, dai...
Development of water quality management strategies for the proposed Isikli reservoir
Gunduz, O; Soyupak, S; Yurteri, C (1998-01-01)
A two-dimensional laterally averaged hydrodynamic and water quality model (CE-QUAL-WS) is used to simulate the water quality behavior in the proposed Isikli Reservoir of the Ankara Water Supply System to determine appropri...
Short-term predicton of NOx levels in Istanbul using artificial neural network approach
Coskuner, TR; Gullu, G; Tuncel, G (2003-05-01)
Modelling plume rise and dispersion of power plant flue gases discharged through cooling towers
Oguz, O; Yurteri, C; Tuncel, G (2003-05-01)
Sources regions affecting chemical composition of aerosols and precipitation in the eastern Mediterranean atmosphere determined using trajectory statistics
Gunaydin, GC; Tuncel, G (2002-06-15)
Although fair amount of data on the levels of atmospheric pollutants, such as SO42- NO3-, NH4+, trace elements, O-3 and recently VOC's had been generated in both eastern and western parts of the Mediterranean basin, inform...
Air quality impacts of electricity use in domestic heating: A comparative study for Ankara
Kayin, S; Yavuzdemir, F (1997-09-26)
In this study, existing air quality affects of current domestic heating systems in comparison to the electricity use alternative in Ankara have been analysed. For the winter season 1991-1992 heat energy used in Ankara for ...
Renewable Hydrogen Energy Option for Pakistan
Gondal, Irfan Ahmad (2010-04-25)
An improved transformation for universal serendipity elements
Utku, M (1999-10-01)
This paper describes the formulation of shape functions and their derivatives for universal serendipity elements in finite element analysis, which allows for flexibility in locating edge nodes. Universal serendipity elemen...