Crank-Rotatibility synthesis and automatic generation of the input-output equations of mechanisms

Kanberoğlu, Ali Kunter


Shaft transducerless vector control of the interior permanent magnet motor with speed and position estimation using high frequency signal injection and flux observer methods
Göksu, Ömer; Hava, Ahmet Masum; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2008)
In this thesis, shaft transducerless vector control of Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor with speed and position estimation using saliency based high frequency signal injection and fundamental model based flux observer methods will be investigated. The magnetic saliency characteristic of a 2.2-kW IPM motor will be experimentally extracted by means of high frequency signal injection. High frequency signal injection method will be used to estimate the speed and position at zero and low speed based on the ...
Hydraulic transients in closed pipi circuits
Saral, Feridun İlkay; Tokdemir, Turgut; Ger, Metin; Department of Engineering Sciences (2000)
Fault diognosis of gears by computer simulation
Yalçıntaş, Melek; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1990)
Cam Geometry Generation and Optimization for Torsion Bar Systems
Kurtulmus, Ergin; Arıkan, Mehmet Ali Sahir (2015-02-05)
Moment unbalance is a critical issue in many mechanisms rotating around a certain axis. The common element for eliminating the moment unbalance is a spring attached to the rotary system which can nullify it only at a certain angle or position due to the cosine profile of the unbalance. In order to accomplish this at all angles, torsion bar systems following a cam profile are preferred instead. In this paper, a new method has been developed to generate the exact analytical cam profile on which torsion bar sy...
Contact electrification of polymers custom made charging
Baytekin, Hasan Tarık; Incorvatı, Jared T; Grzybowskı, Bartosz A (null; 2012-03-24)
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A. K. Kanberoğlu, “Crank-Rotatibility synthesis and automatic generation of the input-output equations of mechanisms,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.