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Aerospace-Academia: ERP-Communication Framework Strategy

Rashid, M. Asif
Qureshi, Hammad
Shami, Muiz-ud-Din
Khan, Nawar
Sayin, Erol
The advancement in management information systems and business intelligence has changed the dynamics of knowledge management. The integration of ERP module for strategic-collaboration among industry-R&D departments with university-wide "Smart-campus" has further reiterated the target focused team environment coupled with value-based corporate-culture. The integration of academia R&D units with industrial-production-units for knowledge-management as well as resource-management is becoming extremely multifaceted. Efforts are now targeted at evolving a "dynamic knowledge management model for higher education and for optimizing the knowledge-diffusion of "University-R&D programs". The philosophy of competitiveness demands that the integrated framework for ERP adoption be planned for complex-structured organizations prior to its deployment. This is meant so as to minimize ERP deployment-span in terms of time and to curtail financial overheads. This paper provides various dimensions of planning communication system-strategy for ERP in complex-structured organization through mapping of activities for Aerospace departments involved in R&D programs vis--vis academia-Industry collaborative-joint ventures.