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Aerospace-Academia: ERP-Communication Framework Strategy
Rashid, M. Asif; Qureshi, Hammad; Shami, Muiz-ud-Din; Khan, Nawar; Sayin, Erol; SEYREK, İBRAHİM HALİL (2010-07-02)
The advancement in management information systems and business intelligence has changed the dynamics of knowledge management. The integration of ERP module for strategic-collaboration among industry-R&D departments with un...
A new fuzzy inference approach based on mamdani inference using discrete type 2 fuzzy sets
Uncu, O; Kilic, K; Turksen, IB (2004-10-13)
Fuzzy System Modeling (FSM) is one of the most prominent system modeling tools in analyzing the data in the presence of uncertainty. Linguistic Fuzzy Rulebase (LFR) structure, in which both the antecedent and consequent va...
Design and Analysis of Shrouded Small-Scale Wind Turbine for Low Wind Speeds
Yildiz, R. Erdem; Ekinci, Abdurrahman (2018-06-22)
This work presents design and analysis of a shrouded small scale wind turbine optimized for extremely low wind speeds. In-house FORTRAN code based on Glauert's method are used for preliminary design. QBlade and CFD are use...
Rule-by-rule input significance analysis in fuzzy system modeling
Uncu, O; Turksen, IB (2004-06-30)
Input or feature selection is one the most important steps of system modeling. Elimination of irrelevant variables can save time, money and can improve the precision of model that we are trying to discover. In Fuzzy System...
Two step feature selection: Approximate functional dependency approach using membership values
Uncu, O; Turksen, IB (2004-07-29)
Feature selection is one of the most important issues in fields such as system modelling and pattern recognition. In this study, a new feature selection algorithm that combines feature wrapper and feature filter approaches...
Sen Guzin, Sen Guzin; Sener, Bahar (2015-07-31)
Mobile music listening can be traced back to the introduction of Sony Walkman that upgraded music players both with privacy and portability. With the mobile listening media, our daily journeys in public environment have be...
Olive oil value-chain dynamics: the Turkish olive oil industry case
Balkan, B. Atamer; Meral, S. (2016-10-14)
Turkey is one of the five largest olive oil producers in the world; the country satisfies domestic demand to its fullest extent, and also exports olive oil to several countries. Despite this positive outlook, discontent am...
When should we dispatch trucks with unreliable transit times?
Erkip, N; Yano, CA (1996-06-25)
We consider a situation where each of several customers has deterministic demands, in each of several periods in the future, for a single bulk good. The supplier ships this good using trucks, with each truck carrying a ful...
Fuzzy representation of grasping modes
Aydin, KK (1996-05-16)
Engineering Effort Estimation for Product Development Projects
Yurt, Z. Ozturk; İyigün, Cem; Bakal, P. (2019-01-01)
Cost estimation is an essential process for gaining competitive advantage in the bidding phase of every project. Besides, cost estimates are also vital for effective project control. For product development projects engine...