Patterns and Nature of Social Interaction during the 6th and 5th Mill BC Thrace and the North Aegean A perspective form the Figurines of Uğurlu Höyük at the Island of Gökçeada



Patterns of Iron Age interaction in central Anatolia: three sites in Yozgat province
Kealhofer, Lisa; Grave, Peter; Marsh, Ben; Steadman, Sharon; Gorny, Ronald L.; Summers, Geoffrey (2010-01-01)
The cultural and political changes that happened in Anatolia after the collapse of the Hittite Empire have only recently been recognised as a significant, but as yet unexplained, phenomenon. Here we present the results of analyses of ceramics from three sites south and southwest of the present-day town of Sorgun - Cadir Hoyuk, Kerkenes Dag and Tilkigedigi Tepe - to identity how regional groups within the Hittite core area regrouped in the aftermath of the collapse. Ceramic analyses provide a means to assess...
Patterns Of Environmental Coherence In The Rural Architectural Tradition Of Ürünlü (Akseki-İbradı Basin)
Kavas, Kemal Reha (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2011)
Geleneksel kırsal yerleşimlerin ortak özelliği, doğa ile kurdukları ilişkilerde çevre ölçeğinde gözlenen tutarlılıktır. Kırsal mimari geleneklerin oluşturdukları çevresel tutarlılık (environmental coherence) mimarlık tarihi disiplini içerisinde yeterince incelenmemiş bir konudur. Bununla birlikte, kırsal mimariye dair tarihsel bilgi veren yazılı kaynakların sınırlı olması doğrudan fiziksel çevrenin görsel olarak incelenmesi temelinde araştırmalar yapmayı zorunlu kılmaktadır. Bu nedenlerden dolayı, gelenekse...
Patterns of Innovation and Intra-industry Heterogeneity in Turkey
Yurtseven, Alp Eren; Tandoğan , Sinan (Science And Technology Policies Research Center, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), 2010)
This study investigates the patterns of innovation in Turkey and its primary aim is to examine the intra – industry heterogeneity in innovative activities. For this purpose double - level factor analysis is performed and resulting factor scores are used in the subsequent cluster analyses. Four distinct innovation patterns, which may be interpreted as ingredients of different technological regimes, are identified. Taxonomy of innovative firms is also constructed by grouping firms according to their innovatio...
Patterns of spiritual involvements of women in Ankara
Akşit, Elif Ekin; Togan, İsenbike; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (1998)
Patterns of Seasonal Stability of Lake Phytoplankton Mediated by Resource and Grazer Control During Two Decades of Re-oligotrophication
Fu, Hui; Yuan, Guixiang; Özkan, Korhan; Johansson, Liselotter Sander; Sondergaard, Martin; Lauridsen, Torben L.; Jeppesen, Erik (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-09-01)
Human-induced changes in external nutrient loading affect the phytoplankton community and abundance directly by changing the amount of nutrients available, but also indirectly through changes in the zooplankton (that is, grazer) community structure, mediated in part by changes in the fish community structure and biomass. Such shifts affect the species dynamics and community succession of lake phytoplankton communities, and they may ultimately influence community stability. However, the relative importance o...
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