When Do States Go to War to Protect Ethnic Kin



When will high school defend its science education against University?
Sonmez, Murat (2011-10-30)
Since the entrance of the graduates of technical high schools to engineering programs is hindered, in application, graduates of general or science high schools are only accepted into engineering education. For these students, four years are not sufficient to teach the basic and the related application courses of the profession. Looking at the existing curriculum of mechanical engineering, it can be seen that in the 1st Year, the physics and chemistry courses repeat the content of the ones given in high scho...
When do Cyanobacteria and Ceratium respectively dominate summer phytoplankton in stratified Danish lakes?
Olrik, K; Jeppesen, Erik; Özkan, Korhan (2018-09-19)
When is the retired more satisfied? A multilevel analysis across 43 countries.
Ok, Afife Başak; Toker, Yonca (2018-04-19)
When do drivers conform? When do they deviate?
Demir, Sila; DEMİR, BAŞAR; Özkan, Türker (Elsevier BV, 2018-04-01)
Traditional and dominant social influence strategies based on group research aim to motivate people towards compliance with the group norm for behaviours in general and in traffic in particular. Yet, deviance and dissent have the potential to motivate people towards action against group norm, as well. The deviance regulation theory (DRT) proposes that an individual might choose to deviate from the group norm to express his/her uniqueness. In addition, according to the normative conflict model, an individual...
How does prior knowledge affect student engagement in undergraduate level computer literacy classes
Öncü, Semiral; Şengel, Erhan; Delialioğlu, Ömer (null; 2008-05-08)
Many freshmen show no interest in computer literacy classes. They do not participate or actively seek information. It is hypothesized in this study that this tendency results from prior computer knowledge. Students who already mastered the content do not find it useful, so they get bored, leading to the hypotheses that (1) students who are computer literate will have low student engagement and have high achievement. Moreover (2) students who are not computer literate will have high engagement, and have exam...
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