Rainwater drainage system investigation of an historical hammam by using non-destructive methods

Dişli, Gülşen
Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe
Tosun, Levent
Grinzato, Ermanno
Saltık, Emine Nevin


Rainwater harvesting system (RHS) and its applications on METU campus
Kadı, Orhan Veli; Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-2-10)
The rainwater harvesting is a water management strategy that is becoming more and more common around the world. Due to the decrease in fresh water resources, development of rainwater harvesting systems (RHS) gain importance. This system, which is used to store the rain reaching the earth and use it to supply various types of water demands, is very easy to install. In this study, a water balance model (WBM) is run with different rain harvesting tank (RHT) sizes to find the best RHT sizes for a set of buildin...
Rainwater Harvesting Analysis for Northern Cyprus
Ruso, Mustafa; Akıntuğ, Bertuğ; Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2021-2)
Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable water resources management technique to harvest, store and reuse rainwater through rainwater harvesting systems (RWHSs). This study aims to determine the optimum rainwater storage (RWS) tank size of a RWHS to minimize the cost of water supplied from the utility network, wastewater cost and the RWS tank cost to attain the maximum financial benefit and analyze the rainwater harvesting potential for Northern Cyprus. A Linear Programming (LP) model is developed to achieve t...
Rain water chemistry in Ankara, Turkey
Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (1996-08-01)
Samples of rain water were collected in Ankara for the period between September 1989 and May 1990, by using wet-only sampler. Concentrations of major cations (H+, Na+, K+, Ca2+ and NH4+) and major anions (Cl-, NO3- and SO42-) were determined for the first time in Turkey. The rain water was not acidic owing to high concentrations of alkaline soil particles in the atmosphere. However, the concentrations of acid forming ions, such as SO42- and NO3-, were higher than the concentrations expected in a typical urb...
Rain composition in the Ankara atmosphere.
Üngör(Savaş), Sevgi; Department of Chemistry (1992)
Rainfall runoff modelling with green-ampt infiltration process.
San, Ovul; Sevük, Süha; Department of Civil Engineering (1993)
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G. Dişli, A. Tavukçuoğlu, L. Tosun, E. Grinzato, and E. N. Saltık, “Rainwater drainage system investigation of an historical hammam by using non-destructive methods,” 2007, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/71292.