Rainfall runoff modelling with green-ampt infiltration process.

San, Ovul


Cost estimation of housing projects by functional areas
Öncül, Mustafa; Arıkan, Metin S.; Department of Civil Engineering (2006)
Good conceptual cost estimates is one of the most important factors affecting the project success. Investment decisions taken and budget preparations are performed from the results of the conceptual estimates. Also, the most difficult cost estimation is the early estimates where there is very limited information. This thesis provides a model for the cost estimation of the housing projects at the conceptual stage, considering not only the total area of the construction, but also considering fractional areas,...
Project management and use of information technology for project communication management in Turkish electronic sector
Tuncer, Şeniz; Erdil, Erkan; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2004)
In this study, Project Management, especially Project Communication Management applications and use of information technology are scrutinized. The general situation of Turkish electronic sector is investigated. The project management applications and closeness to new technologies of companies that operates in Turkish electronic sector are analyzed. A research model is developed with a designed questionnaire, and the levels of project communication management applications and use of interactive communication...
Critical success factors for partnering in the turkish construction industry
Eren, Köksal; Köksal, Eren; Department of Civil Engineering (2007)
Partnering is in the agenda of many construction companies worldwide as it is an effective strategy that may increase competitiveness of partner companies and reduce risks retained by each party. In order for partnering to reach its expected benefits, partner selection is of vital importance. Similarly, there are some critical success factors (CSF) that should be taken into account by the parties in order to maintain a successful partnership throughout its lifecycle. The aim of this thesis is identification...
Building cost index forecasting with time series analysis
Kibar, Mustafa Alptekin; Sönmez, Rifat; Department of Civil Engineering (2007)
Building cost indices are widely used in construction industry to measure the rate of change of building costs as a combination of labor and material costs. Cost index forecast is crucial for the two main parties of construction industry, contactor, and the client. Forecast information is used to increase the accuracy of estimate for the project cost to evaluate the bid price. The aim of this study is to develop time series models to forecast building cost indices in Turkey and United States. The models dev...
Development of a database management system for small and medium sized enterprises
Şafak, Çiğdem; Kılıç, S. Engin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
Databases and database technology have become an essential component of everyday life in modern society. As databases are widely used in every organization with a computer system, control of data resources and management of data are very important. Database Management System (DBMS) is the most significant tool developed to serve multiple users in a database environment consisting of programs that enable users to create and maintain a database. Windows Distributed Internet Applications (DNA) architecture des...
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O. San, “Rainfall runoff modelling with green-ampt infiltration process.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1993.