Contribution of Mediterranean Forests to the Global Agenda

Belen, İsmail
Alberto, Battistelli
Brand, D
Çağatay, Ayhan
Çağlar, Sadık
Garavaglia, Valentina
Metaj, Mehmet
İtzhak, Moshe
Sezgin, Önder
Nicholas, Pichard
Benül, Sözer
Türer, Ahmet


Contribution of Mediterranean forests tothe Global Agenda
Belen, İsmail; Battistelli, Alberto; Brand, David; Çağatay, Ayhan; Çağlar, Sadık; Garavaglia, Valentina; Metaj, Mehmet; Moshe, Itzhak; Özden, Sezgin; Picard, Nicholas; Sözer, Benül; Türer, Ahmet (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2018-01-01)
Contribution to the collaborative work in virtual organization - a case study
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Özdamar, Linet; Pedamallu, Chandra Sekhar; Crespo, Fernando A. (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2012-10-1)
A virtual organization is a community of people who interact together socially on a technical platform. These kinds of communities are built on a common interest, a common problem or a common task of its members that is pursued on the basis of implicit and explicit codes of behavior. The six dimensions that are normally used to analyze virtual organizations are the use of technologies, sense of belonging, success factors, level of trust from members, virtual community management, and contents of the virtual...
Significance of Physiological and Biochemical Approaches for Black Sea Fishery Investigations
Shulman, Gh; Vn, Nıkolsky; Tv, Yuneva; Shchepkına, Am; Bat, Levent; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan (2007-05-01)
Physiological and biochemical methods are important tools for solving certain fishery problems, such as observed trends of fish distribution and migrations; estimation of productivity of commercial species; indicators and monitoring of stock condition and separating populations. In the review, major results of related long-term studies are presented.
Contributions of web and mobile applications to rural development on the basis of product management: a case from GAP region
Şahin, Gizem; Büyükcivelek, Ahmet Burak; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2022-5-06)
The agricultural sector has maintained its vital importance as it meets the food need of the population in every period of human history. Also, the developments in agricultural production in world history allow to access to the times for focusing on technological developments. Correctly implemented and integrated technological advancement into business processes of agricultural production help agricultural producers to sustain their agricultural activities, especially in rural areas which are disadvantaged ...
Contribution Of Turkish Architects To The National Architecture Of Pakistan: Vedat Dalokay
Naz, Neelum (Middle East Technical University, 2005)
In our age of globalization, architecture is in varying degrees regionally or internationally oriented. To achieve fine architecture, good architects, demanding clients, tasteful users are needed, as well as keen critics. Autobiographies of many globally renowned architects reveal that they travel far and wide to acquire and transfer ideas from other countries. In general, architects use their mental faculties to their best, to shape their buildings for the world to see, to use, and to pronounce judgment up...
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İ. Belen et al., Contribution of Mediterranean Forests to the Global Agenda. 2018, p. 30.