Contributions of web and mobile applications to rural development on the basis of product management: a case from GAP region

Şahin, Gizem
The agricultural sector has maintained its vital importance as it meets the food need of the population in every period of human history. Also, the developments in agricultural production in world history allow to access to the times for focusing on technological developments. Correctly implemented and integrated technological advancement into business processes of agricultural production help agricultural producers to sustain their agricultural activities, especially in rural areas which are disadvantaged areas globally to reach the technological benefits. In light of the product management fundamentals and technological advancement in agriculture, web and mobile applications provide opportunities to farmers by offering to access the information, reaching the market and contacting consumers. This study aims to provide an evaluation of the potential contributions of web and mobile applications to rural development on the basis of product management fundamentals in the case of the GAP Region in Turkey.


Gülseven, Osman; Nas, S. E. (2011-01-01)
The article proves that due to the complexity of agricultural business, risks in agriculture are as important to the society as to the individual farmers. An unexpected drought can have catastrophic effects on the farms output which in turn will reduce the overall welfare of the society. Besides the occurrence of potential risks, the management of these risks is also a concern for the society. In this paper we discuss the common risk management techniques with special emphasis on insurance mechanisms. Past ...
Assessing the sustainability of urban agriculture: the case of Çankaya municipality
Doğan, Şeyma Başak; Kayasü, Serap; Department of City and Regional Planning (2022-1-14)
Agriculture, as the basic economic activity carried out inside the city, has had both economic and social meaning for people since ancient times. However, industrialization caused an increase in the priority of non-agricultural activities in cities. As a result, agricultural activities had lost their importance inside cities, and were becoming mostly related to a rural context. Although agriculture is generally associated with a rural context, the economic, social, and environmental problems originated by r...
An Investigation on Benefit-Cost Analysis of Greenhouse Structures in Antalya
Sarı, Ramazan; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray (2020-11-12)
Significant population increase across the world, loss of cultivable land and increasing demand for food put pressure on agriculture. To meet the demand, greenhouses are built, which are, light structures with transparent cladding material in order to provide controlled microclimatic environment proper for plant production. Conceptually, greenhouses are similar with manufacturing buildings where a controlled environment for manufacturing and production have been provided and proper spaces...
Connecting Rural Change and Local Crafts: Rebranding Sock Knitting in Yenikaraağaç
Veryeri Alaca, Ilgım; Aktaş, Bilge Merve; Gürel, Burak (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-12-31)
Rural development literature has demonstrated that in modern times, farming alone is usually unable to provide sufficient returns to develop a rural economy and keep the processes of outmigration and aging of the rural population in check. The development of non-farm activities such as small-scale industries, handicrafts, and rural tourism has been recognized as an indispensable method of providing relatively sufficient income to villagers, preventing rural exodus, and maintaining a lively village culture w...
Recent advances in potato genomics, transcriptomics, and transgenics under drought and heat stresses: A review
Aksoy, Emre; Demirel, Ufuk; Öztürk, Zahide Neslihan; Çalişkan, Sevgi; Çalişkan, Mehmet Emin (2015-01-01)
Sustainable potato production practices are crucial for food security and social sustainability in the future since potato is a highly nutritious food and it is considered as one of the most promising crops to reduce human hunger and poverty in the world due to its high yield potential. However, being a temperate crop, potato is exposed to various environmental stresses, including extended periods of drought and heat. The majority of potato genomics, transcriptomics, and transgenics studies concentrate on t...
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G. Şahin, “Contributions of web and mobile applications to rural development on the basis of product management: a case from GAP region,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.