A Qualitative Study of Undergraduate International Students Perceptions of Their Cultural Identity



A qualitative case study of a primary public school with diverse students
Duyul, Nihan; Akar, Hanife; Department of Educational Sciences (2019)
The study focuses on readiness levels of stakeholders in the educational and instructional process and their needs in a public primary school with diverse student groups in Altındağ district in the capital of Turkey. The study was designed as a qualitative embedded single case study. Data of the study were collected through semistructured interview forms from the school stakeholders including the school administrator (n=1), teachers (n=9), school counsellor (n=1) and local parents (n=4). Through interviews,...
A Comparative Study on Undergraduate Students' Academic Motivation and Academic Self-Concept
Işıksal Bostan, Mine (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2010-11-01)
The purpose of this study was to investigate Turkish and American undergraduate students' academic motivation and academic self-concept scores regarding the years that they spent in university. The analysis was based on 566 (284 Turkish, 282 American) undergraduate students where, Academic Motivation Scale and Academic Self-Concept Scale were used as measuring instruments. The results showed that there was a statistical significant effect of nationality and number of years spent in university on undergradua...
A qualitative case study of prospective chemistry teachers knowledge about instructional strategies Introducing particulate theory
Boz, Nihat; Boz, Yezdan (2008-01-01)
The purpose of this study was to investigate prospective chemistry teachers’ knowledge about instructional strategies, one component of pedagogical content knowledge about introducing particulate theory, as well as sources of this knowledge. Twenty-two prospective chemistry teachers participated in the study. Data were collected by the means of a vignette, semistructured interviews, and lesson plans. Analysis showed that concrete objects, computer animations, and expository teaching were the preferred teach...
A qualitative investigation of student perceptions of game elements in a gamified course
Aldemir, Tugce; Çelik, Berkan; Kaplan, Göknur (2018-01-01)
As gamification grows in popularity, there has been increased interest in its potential as a motivating and engaging learning strategy. Yet, it is still a controversial issue in education and has received several criticisms. The existing literature suggests that when gamification is designed well and utilized correctly, it has potential to improve learning, but qualitative investigations are required in order to reveal how a wide range of game elements fit into different learning contexts. In order to addre...
A Qualitative case study of english language teachers’ views towards teacher research as a professional development tool
Karakaya, Nuriye; Savaş, Perihan; Department of English Language Teaching (2015)
This study investigated the current situation in relation to teacher research as a professional development tool among practicing English teachers in Turkey in their respective educational contexts. The perceptions of in-service ELT teachers on teacher research as a professional development tool and its sustainment among practitioners were studied in a qualitative case study design. Eighteen in- service EFL teachers from primary school, high school and university settings were recruited in the study. Initia...
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