A qualitative case study of a primary public school with diverse students

Duyul, Nihan
The study focuses on readiness levels of stakeholders in the educational and instructional process and their needs in a public primary school with diverse student groups in Altındağ district in the capital of Turkey. The study was designed as a qualitative embedded single case study. Data of the study were collected through semistructured interview forms from the school stakeholders including the school administrator (n=1), teachers (n=9), school counsellor (n=1) and local parents (n=4). Through interviews, the researcher sought to an understanding: how the public primary school with diverse student populations located in Altındağ district were ready to teach for inclusive education from the perspectives of school’s stakeholder and explore the educational needs for inclusive education in the school with diverse students. Inductive content analysis method was used for data analysis process. The findings of the study indicate that there is no systematic registration procedure in public primary school for foreign students, which causes misplacement for foreign students in the school, and for that reason instruction for inclusive education may not be provided at the level expected. Additionally, Turkish language competency emerged as an important barrier for all stakeholders including the students as it highly affects the educational process from the initial registration process to instructional process as it happened v dramatically. Moreover, local parents have perceived the implementations that exist in the integrated education as positive discrimination for both foreign students and their parents. In addition, there is need for a supervisory system to observe and evaluate the effectiveness of the process periodically in schools. As a result, the findings indicate that there is a need for well-planned foreign student integration process into the schooling process, including curriculum, teacher training, parent involvement to provide effective inclusive learning environments for public primary schools with diverse student populations.


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N. Duyul, “A qualitative case study of a primary public school with diverse students,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Educational Sciences., Middle East Technical University, 2019.