Water and Fat Distributions in MethylCellulose Coated Fried Chicken Nuggets

Öztop, Halil Mecit
Mccarthy, Michael J
Mccarthy, Kathryn
Takhar, Pawan


Water Dynamics in Starch Based Confectionery Products including Different Types of Sugar
İlhan, Esmanur; Pocan, Pelin; Kruk, Danuta; Wojciechowski, Milosz; Osuch, Maciej; Markiewicz, Roksana; Jurga, Stefan; Öztop, Halil Mecit (2022-04-01)
Starch-based confectionery products were prepared using different types of sugar. In addition to using different sugar, starch was replaced with soy protein isolate (SPI) in some of the products. H-1 NMR spin-lattice relaxation experiments were performed for the collection of products in a broad frequency range from 4 KHz to 30 MHz to get insight into the influence of different sugar types and SPI on the dynamics of water in composite gel systems. The relaxation data have been decomposed into relaxation con...
Water sorption isotherms of libyan date paste
Houssein, Taher Ahmad; Esin, Ali; Department of Food Engineering (2007)
water sorption isotherms of destoned and ground saiadey Jaul type dates were obtained at 30,40.50 C.using the gravimetric methods.Data were analyzed by applying the GAB,BAT ,Smith,Iglesias and Chrife,Halsey ,Henderson and Oswin Models.Isosteric heat of sorption value was calculated using the Clausius-Clapeyron Equation and tried to be as afunction of moisture content of dates. It was found that the experimental data fitted well to ,smith ,I glesias and Chirife ,Halsey, Henderson and Oswin equation, which ar...
Water mobility in cheese by means of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry
Kruk, Danuta; Florek – Wojciechowska, Malgorzata; Masiewicz, Elzbieta; Öztop, Halil Mecit; Ploch-Jankowska, Anna; Duda, Piotr; Wilczynski, Slawomir (2021-06-01)
1H NMR relaxometry studies have been performed for different kinds of cheese in order to enquire into mechanisms of water mobility in the cheese structures. The exploited frequency range, from 4 kHz to 40 MHz, allowed probing water dynamics on a broad range of time scales. Two fractions of water of much different dynamical properties, referred to as confined-water and free-water, have been revealed. It has been demonstrated that dynamics of water molecules confined in the macromolecular matrix is about four...
Water-Rock Interactions in Geothermal Systems in the Framework of CO2 Storage
Elidemir, Sanem; Güleç, Nilgün Türkan (2020-02-25)
Water dynamics in eggs by means of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry
Kruk, Danuta; Florek-Wojciechowska, Małgorzata; Öztop, Halil Mecit; İlhan, Esmanur; Wieczorek, Zbigniew (2021-06-01)
1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry has been applied to reveal dynamical properties of water molecules embedded into egg yolk and white of three species: turkey, chicken and quail. Two fractions of water molecules, referred to as confined-water and free-water fractions, have been revealed. It has been demonstrated that translation diffusion of the confined-water fraction is three-dimensional. The dynamics of the confined-water has been quantitatively described in terms of diffusion coefficients and ro...
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H. M. Öztop, M. J. Mccarthy, K. Mccarthy, and P. Takhar, “Water and Fat Distributions in MethylCellulose Coated Fried Chicken Nuggets,” 2012, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/74066.