Water dynamics in eggs by means of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry

Kruk, Danuta
Florek-Wojciechowska, Małgorzata
Öztop, Halil Mecit
İlhan, Esmanur
Wieczorek, Zbigniew
1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometry has been applied to reveal dynamical properties of water molecules embedded into egg yolk and white of three species: turkey, chicken and quail. Two fractions of water molecules, referred to as confined-water and free-water fractions, have been revealed. It has been demonstrated that translation diffusion of the confined-water fraction is three-dimensional. The dynamics of the confined-water has been quantitatively described in terms of diffusion coefficients and rotational correlation times. The parameters have been compared for egg yolk and white for all the species. In addition to these quantities, the number of the confined-water molecules per unit volume has been provided for all cases. The obtained parameters provide insight into the dynamics of water in eggs of different origin and allow to identify similarities and differences between them in connection to the structure of the network formed by the macromolecular fraction of egg yolk and white.
Journal of Magnetic Resonance


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