A Preliminary Study on Roman Komana



A study on the government securities held by the commercial banks in Turkey
Sayman, Serdar; Tileylioğlu, Alaeddin; Department of Business Administration (1994)
A preliminary study on macrobenthic molluscs and crustaceans along the Anatolian coasts of the Black Sea.
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A study on the changing Turkish bathing culture under the western influences
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Karakaya, İshak (1986-10-01)
The reversible EMF for the formation of MgCl2 in fused salts containing NaCl and CaCl2 was studied with a view to furthering the understanding of electrolytes of use in industrial magnesium electrolysis. Measurements were carried out in a cell with pure chlorine gas and Mg-Bi alloy as active electrode materials. The data were used to infer the Gibbs energy of mixing, the enthalpy of mixing and the entropy of mixing. These properties were used with other data to construct the liquidus surface of the ternary ...
A methodological survey on two examples of the museums housed in the Ottoman Medreses and a restoration proposal for the complex of Amcazade Hüseyin Paşa in İstanbul
Ayman, Esra; Madran, Emre; Department of Restoration (1995)
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D. B. Erciyas, A Preliminary Study on Roman Komana. 2016, p. 250.