Rüzgar Enerjisinin Dünyadaki Gelişimi ve Türkiye’xxdeki Durum Değerlendirmesi



Gis-based site selection approach for wind and solar energy systems : a case study from western Turkey
Aydın, Nazlı Yonca; Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2009)
Many countries around the world integrated Renewable Energy Systems (RES) in their future energy plans in order to reduce negative impacts of fossil fuel consumption on the environment. However, RES may as well cause various environmental problems which are mostly related with the geographic locations of these facilities. The aim of this thesis is to create a Geographic Information System-based methodology for evaluating alternative locations for wind, solar and hybrid power plants by using fuzzy multi-crit...
Determination of dynamic problems associated with the wind power plants in Turkish transmission system
Akyel, Anıl; Sevaioğlu, Osman; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2015)
From the early 20th Century, the intense population growth around the world resulted in large increases in the power plants, both by means of number and size. However, this increase brought many concerns, including environmental and human health related ones. This has resulted in renewable energy sources to rise over conventional power plants. Among renewable energy sources, thanks to their simplicity and convenience, wind turbines became of considerable importance. As a result, a large number of wind farms...
Özcan, Mehmet; Ozan, Keysan; Benhür, Satır; Department of Earth System Science (2021-9-08)
The main challenge related to the trade of electricity from renewable energy sources is their intermittency due to stochastic nature of their generation output. This leads to the imbalance cost in day ahead markets (DAM) and raise the concerns for collaboration. There are 2 possible strategies for wind power plants (WPPs) and solar power plants (SPPs) to maximize their income in day ahead markets (DAM) in the presence of imbalance cost: Joint Bidding (JB) via collaboration by participating to balancing grou...
Parameterization of built environment for wind resource assessment
Sakçak, Şafak; Tanyer, Ali Murat; Pekeriçli, Mehmet Koray; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2018)
Use of wind power for energy generation in urban areas is gaining importance considering the energy consumption and environmental impact behaviors of built environments. Therefore, assessment of urban wind resource is crucial. The study of air flows in cities is also related to other concerns as natural ventilation, air contamination and pedestrian comfort. Two of primary research topics proposed in feasibility studies for urban wind energy are improvement on the understanding of urban wind flows with devel...
Rethinking wind energy in its social context: conflicting perspectives and planning problems – the Karaburun experience
Özçam, Zeynep; Pınarcıoğlu, Mehmet Melih; Department of City and Regional Planning (2016)
As a result of global concerns about energy related environmental problems, the use of renewable energy resources has gained great importance. The renewables are widely recognized as an effective tool for limiting energy related emissions and a fundamental component of sustainable development. Among these, especially wind energy has considerable involvement. Due to this, major national policies intend to support wind energy and wind energy installations have also started to grow with an expanding rate. Like...
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