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3D perceptual soundfield reconstruction via sound field extrapolation
Erdem, Eg; Hacıhabiboğlui Hüseyin.; Department of Multimedia Informatics (2020)
Perceptual sound field reconstruction (PSR) is a spatial audio recording and reproduction method based on the application of stereophonic panning laws in microphone array design. PSR allows rendering a perceptually veridical and stable auditory perspective in the horizontal plane of the listener, and involves recording using nearcoincident microphone arrays. This thesis extends the two dimensional PSR concept to three dimensions and allows reconstructing an arbitrary sound field based on measurements with a...
Coupling speech recognition and rule-based machine translation
Köprü, Selçuk; Yazıcı, Adnan; Department of Computer Engineering (2008)
The objective of this thesis was to study the coupling of automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems with rule-based machine translation (MT) systems. In this thesis, a unique approach to integrating ASR with MT for speech translation (ST) tasks was proposed. The proposed approach is unique, essentially because it includes the rst rule-based MT system that can process speech data in a word graph format. Compared to other rule-based MT systems, our system processes both a word graph and a stream of words. Th...
The influence of sound properties on the semantic associations of product sounds
Verviers, Claire Juliette; Pedgley, Owaın Francıs; Özcan, Elif; Department of Industrial Design (2010)
To be able to design product sounds that elicit a predetermined expression a study was performed to find how sound properties influence the experience of their expression. Two explorative studies using figurative against abstract visual stimuli were performed to create insight in how people experience sounds and to create a list of usable semantic associations. This list was ordered in 25 expression categories each under one descriptive semantic association. A third study using mind mapping was conducted to...
Subsonic-transonic submerged intake design for a cruise missile
Akman, Oral; Eyi, Sinan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2014)
In this thesis, aerodynamic design and optimization of subsonic-transonic submerged intake is done for specified cruise conditions. A gradient-based optimization algorithm is developed for intake design studies. Subsonic intake geometric parameterization is conducted and a generic submerged intake for a cruise missile is constructed by using CATIA V5 generative shape design module. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver FloEFD v12 is used for computational analyses. Two NASA test cases are used for CFD t...
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