Sediment water dynamics and phosphorus release potential in a lake

Pilevneli, Tolga
Aksoy, Ayşegül


Sediment transport due to waves superimposed on currents.
Aydemir, Eser; Department of Civil Engineering (1971)
Sediment transport in closed conduits with unsteady motion.
Özgüneş, Ahmet; Department of Civil Engineering (1969)
Sedimentation downstream of power houses.
Orhun, Akın; Department of Civil Engineering (1967)
Sedimentary records of earthquake-induced increase in sediment influx from lake catchments
Avşar, Ulaş; De Batist, Marc; Fagel, Nathalie (null; 2013-04-12)
Lacustrine paleoseismological records from three small and shallow lakes (Yeniçaǧa, Ladik and Boraboy) located on the North Anatolian Fault (Turkey) are investigated. The high-resolution multi-proxy sedimentological analyses, as well as the precise sediment chronologies, allowed us to understand the sedimentological consequences of historically known paleoearthquakes. Accordingly, clastic layer intercalations within highly organic-rich background sedimentation are attributed to be the result of seismic shak...
Sedimentary cyclicity in the upper cretaceous successions of the Haymana Basin (Turkey): depositional sequences as response to relative sea level changes
Huseynov, Afgan; Altıner, Demir; Department of Geological Engineering (2007)
The Haymana basin in Central Anatolia (Turkey) formed on a Late Cretaceous to Middle Eocene fore arc accretionary wedge. The aim of this study is to investigate the sedimentary cyclicity and depositional sequences in the Upper Cretaceous clastic successions of the Haymana basin. To be able to achieve this objective, a 250 m stratigraphic section, which is mainly composed of siliciclastics has been measured in the Haymana Basin. In this study, detailed lithofacies analyses were performed and five different ...
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