The Investigation of Pre-service Student Teachers’ Confidence on Using Assessment Techniques While Evaluating Young Children

Buldu, Metehan
Buldu, Elif


The examination of guidance and research centers’ administrators’ conflict management strategies with the perceptions of self and teachers
Cebeci, Sülbiye; Şimşek, Hasan; Department of Educational Sciences (2006)
The purpose of this study is to examine conflict management strategies of administrators who are working in Guidance & Research Centers (GRCs) of Central Anatolia with the perceptions of teachers and administrators themselves. The subjects of this study included 30 administrators and 141 teachers who worked in the 30 GRCs in 13 cities of Central Anatolia of Turkey. Data collection was carried out by using quantitative techniques. A survey technique was used to collect data. A questionnaire which was transla...
The Analysis of the female drivers’ internalization and reproduction of gender stereotyped perceptions in traffic
Dağdelen, Funda H.; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2019)
This study investigates the factors of stereotypical perceptions about female drivers, the internalization and reproduction of negative perceptions by female drivers themselves in active traffic in Turkey. In this context, the effects of patriarchal ideology and male norms on female drivers’ driving features were analyzed by focusing on age, social status and social transformation of female drivers through their own driving experiences with the feminist standpoint approach. Additionally, in order to survive...
The investigation of counseling self-efficacy levels of counselor trainees
Pamukçu, Burcu; Demir, Ayhan Gürbüz; Department of Educational Sciences (2011)
The purpose of this study was to investigate predictive value of life satisfaction, academic achievement, number of clients, number of counseling sessions, and satisfaction level of supervision both in terms of quality and quantity in determining counselor trainees’ counseling self-efficacy levels. The sample of this study was the 470 voluntary senior counselor trainees (335 females, 135 males) enrolled in Department of Guidance and Counseling at eleven universities in Turkey. Participants were administered...
The longitudinal investigation of infant’s behavior problems in institutional care: Turkish Care Types Study
Memişoğlu Sanlı, Aybegum; Kazak Berument, Sibel; BAYRAM GÜLAÇTI, HURİ GÜL; ERTEKİN, ZEYNEP (2022-06-19)
The study of school - family cooperation activities in elementary school level on the base of parents’ perceptions
Özdemir, Nesli; Erdiller Akın, Zeynep Berna; Department of Early Childhood Education (2009)
Home and school are two important living and learning environment for children. In this regard, parents and teachers share mutual responsibilities in children’s life. The relationship between home and school is a significant point in improving quality and sustainability of children’s education and development. Thus involvement of parents in their children’s learning has significant value for education. Parents are important stakeholders in parent involvement process. Their ideas, and attitudes toward parent...
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