The investigation of counseling self-efficacy levels of counselor trainees

Pamukçu, Burcu
The purpose of this study was to investigate predictive value of life satisfaction, academic achievement, number of clients, number of counseling sessions, and satisfaction level of supervision both in terms of quality and quantity in determining counselor trainees’ counseling self-efficacy levels. The sample of this study was the 470 voluntary senior counselor trainees (335 females, 135 males) enrolled in Department of Guidance and Counseling at eleven universities in Turkey. Participants were administered a demographic data form, the Satisfaction with Life Scale, the Counselor Self-Estimate Inventory and the Counselor Activity Self-Efficacy Scales. In the context of this study, the Counselor Activity Self-Efficacy Scales were translated to Turkish, validity and reliability studies were conducted. Additionally, reliability studies of the other scales used for the sample of the present study were conducted. Data analysis was carried out by Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis. Results of the study indicated that life satisfaction, number of counseling sessions and satisfaction with quality of supervision explained 13% of the total variance of counseling self-efficacy scores of the counselor trainees. Life satisfaction was found as the most important predictor of counseling self-efficacy, explaining 8.2 % of the total variance. On the other hand, academic achievement, number of clients and satisfaction with quantity of supervision were not found to be significant predictors of counseling self-efficacy.


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B. Pamukçu, “The investigation of counseling self-efficacy levels of counselor trainees,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.