The Conservation Project of Andron A: Intervention Proposals as a Response to Values and Problems’, in ‘Labraunda 2013 – Rapport Preliminaire’ (HENRY O. L., et. al.)



The Re-Production Of The Historical Center Of İstanbul In 2000s: A Critical Account On Two Projects In Fener - Balat
Aysev Deneç, Evren (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2014-12)
Contemporary city is a multiplicity having social, political, cultural and economic projections. Production of urban space involves various mechanisms in which different interest groups play different roles in accordance with their identity, responsibility and agenda. In that sense, contemporary city is a ground of collision of conflicting interests that produce and transform urban space. Controlling urban space is a power struggle among different actors with varying agenda; constituting the basis of physic...
The making of the visegrad initiative : crises and survivals, dilemmas and prospects
Kuzum, Sinan; Türkeş, Mustafa; Department of International Relations (2004)
This thesis aims to scrutinize the Visegrad Quadruple Initiative as a device of the Central European countries in the process of involving into the re-negotiations in Europe and in world politics. The thesis argues that the Visegrad group was built in order to respond the demands of changing Europe and Euro-Atlantic structures, and thus to overcome the double process of transition and integration. However that was not the only reason to launch the Visegrad regional cooperation. The group produced an affirma...
The Restitution Process in Conservation: Discovering the History of Şehit Ali Paşa Library
Gümüşlü Akgün, Seda Nehir; Sönmez Pulat, Ece; Bilgili, Bilal (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-12-31)
Conservation of cultural heritage sites is a multi-phased process including the architectural survey, restitution and restoration. Survey phase begins with the preliminary research and in situ analysis, which are crucial for comprehending the specifications, potentials and architectural characteristic of the site. After architectural survey, restitution is carried out to understand the situation in the first period of the site and how it has undergone a change in the historical process. During the restituti...
The delegation of tradition: investigating the nation in product development of electric coffee makers
Kaygan, Harun (2011-04-07)
The Ambivalent political agency of intellectual religious women in turkey: a case study of the abortion debate in 2012
Özcan, Tuğba; Mücen, Barış; Department of Sociology (2015)
This thesis attempts at providing a critical evaluation of Universalist Eurocentric conceptualization of agency. Taking the abortion debate in 2012 in Turkey as an empirical case, the thesis analyzes the statements of religious women who are publicly known to be intellectuals. Abortion debate is commentated around pro and con positions towards the abortion issue, which are reflected in the wider dichotomous categories of secularism and religiosity. Within this framework, Islamic discourse is taken nothing b...
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