On the Maximal Matching Polytope



On the finite perimeter sets of sub-Lorentzian metric spaces
Çetin, Günseli; Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür; Department of Physics (2022-8-25)
In this thesis, inspired by the recent progress on sub-Riemannian geometry, a method of determining the finite perimeter sets of sub-Lorentzian manifolds independent of the original metric structure is suggested and a possible version of Riesz Representation theorem is discussed.
On the non-linear congruential pseudorandom number generators.
Demirel, Funda; Department of Mathematics (1992)
On the modular curve X(6) and surfaces admitting genus 2 fibrations
Karadoğan, Gülay; Önsiper, Hurşit; Department of Mathematics (2001)
On the generating graphs of the symmetric and alternating groups
Erdem, Fuat; Ercan, Gülin; Maróti, Attila; Department of Mathematics (2018)
Dixon showed that the probability that a random pair of elements in the symmetric group $S_n$ generates $S_n$ or the alternating group $A_n$ tends to $1$ as $n to infty$. (A generalization of this result was given by Babai and Hayes.) The generating graph $Gamma(G)$ of a finite group $G$ is defined to be the simple graph on the set of non-identity elements of $G$ with the property that two elements are connected by and edge if and only if they generate $G$. The purpose of this thesis is to study the graphs ...
On a class of repeated root monomial like abelian codes
Martinez Moro, Edgar; Özadam, Hakan; Özbudak, Ferruh; szabo, steve (2015-04-01)
In this paper we study polycyclic codes of length p s 1 × ⋯ × p s n p ​s ​1 ​​ ​​ ×⋯×p ​s ​n ​​ ​​ \ over $\F_{p^a}$\ generated by a single monomial. These codes form a special class of abelian codes. We show that these codes arise from the product of certain single variable codes and we determine their minimum Hamming distance. Finally we extend the results of Massey et. al. in \cite{MASSEY_1973} on the weight retaining property of monomials in one variable to the weight retaining property of monomials ...
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