Observability analysis of systems containing phasor measurements

Classical observability analysis methods that are based on decoupled network equations cannot be directly applied to systems containing voltage and current phasor measurements, since the equations can no longer be decoupled when current phasor measurements are present. Moreover, conventional voltage magnitude measurements are commonly disregarded in conventional observability analysis methods. This paper proposes a method to incorporate phasor measurements as well as voltage magnitude measurements in observability analysis.
Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2012 IEEE, 22 - 26 Temmuz 2012


Observability analysis and critical measurement detection for power systems measured by PMUs
Göl, Murat (null; 2012-04-03)
Classical observability analysis and critical measurement detection methods cannot be applied to the Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), since Jacobian matrix of current phasor measurements cannot be decoupled as in the case of power measurements. This paper proposes a method to investigate the observability and criticality of PMUs
Assessment and improvement of elementary force computations for cold forward rod extrusion
Ocal, M; Egemen, N; Tekkaya, AE (2005-06-01)
Two commonly used analytical force computation methods for cold forward rod extrusion are evaluated by means of precise finite element computations. The upperbound model by Avitzur based on the spherical velocity field and the model by Siebel based on a quasi-upper-bound solution are considered. It has been found that the pure deformation forces obtained by summing the ideal force and shear force terms deviate between +25% and -20% from the finite element solutions. Larger deviations, however, occur for the...
ORBEY, N; DEALY, JM (1991-08-01)
In order to use either a linear or nonlinear model of viscoelasticity to calculate the stress response of a material to various deformations, it is usually necessary to have available an explicit equation for the linear relaxation modulus G(t). The most popular procedure is to use the data from a small-amplitude oscillatory shear experiment to determine the parameters of a generalized Maxwell model. However, this is an ill-posed problem and is not at all a straightforward curve-fitting operation. We comp...
Observability and Criticality Analyses for Power Systems Measured by Phasor Measurements
Göl, Murat (2013-08-01)
This paper proposes observability and measurement criticality analysis methods for any type of current phasor measurement configurations. Measurement Jacobian cannot be decoupled when using current phasor measurements and thus conventional methods of network observability analysis can no longer be used. Current phasor measurements may be classified into two types based on their configuration. Depending on whether there is a voltage phasor measurement at the sending end of the measured line or not, a current...
Efficient analysis of phased arrays of microstrip patches using a hybrid generalized forward backward method/Green's function technique with a DFT based acceleration algorithm
Bakir, Onur; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Erturk, Vakur B.; Chou, Hsi-Tseng (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2008-6)
A hybrid method based on the combination of generalized forward backward method (GFBM) and Green's function for the grounded dielectric slab together with the acceleration of the combination via a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) based algorithm is developed for the efficient and accurate analysis of electromagnetic radiation/scattering from electrically large, irregularly contoured two-dimensional arrays consisting of finite number of probe-fed microstrip patches. In this method, unknown current coefficien...
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