Deep-sea ecosystems of the Eastern Mediterranean



Yücel, Mustafa; Tezcan, Devrim (2016-01-01)
Superficial deep-water sediments of the Eastern Marmara Basin
Evans, G.; Erten, H.; Alavi, S. N.; Von Gunten, H. R.; Ergin, M. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1989-3)
Superficial sediments (top ∼ Im) of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin, Sea of Marmara, Turkey accumulated rapidly (0.087 ± 0.012 g/cm2 · y) by hemipelagic sedimentation with only limited amounts of gravity flow or bottom current action under low oxygenated but not anoxic conditions. They have restricted faunas, relatively higher organic carbon (1–1.8%) and lower calcium carbonate (14–20%) contents than other Eastern Mediterranean Basin sediments. Sedimentation shows little change over the last millenium excep...
Wet deposition of major ions and trace elements in the eastern Mediterranean basin
Al-Momani, IF; Aygun, S; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (1998-04-20)
Elemental and ionic composition of the eastern Mediterranean precipitation was determined on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey between January 1992 and January 1994. Measured concentrations were comparable with the concentrations reported from other rural stations. Concentrations of elements and ions show strong short-term and well-defined long-term variations. Short-term variations are due to transport from different source areas whereas longterm (seasonal) variations are governed by the seasonal changes i...
Surface waters as hot spots for mecA harbouring staphylococcal and non staphylococcal isolates
Seyedmonir, Elnaz; Yılmaz, Fadime; İçgen, Bülent (null; 2014-10-08)
Son 1500 Yıl Boyunca Ege Denizi’ndeki Tsunamilerin Sedimanter İzleri, (Karine Lagünü, B-Türkiye)
Avşar, Ulaş (2019-08-01)
As high energy tsunami waves reach shallow near-shore environments, the height of the waves increases and sea water propagates towards the land. During this movement, significant amounts of sediment are transported inland from the nearshore, foreshore and beach. While a lagoon that is separated from the sea by a low, thin sand barrier has a relatively calm depositional environment under normal conditions, during a tsunami the sea water climbs over the sand barrier and deposits material from the nearshore, f...
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M. Yücel, K. Özkan, and D. Tezcan, Deep-sea ecosystems of the Eastern Mediterranean. 2016, p. 379.