Plagiarism in EFL writing Can detection software really help

The IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Conference: New and Emerging Technologies in ELT, (3 - 05 Ağustos 2007)


Plagiarism in higher education: A case study with prospective academicians
Eret, Esra (2010-02-08)
Being a growing problem, plagiarism is generally defined as “literary theft” and “academic dishonesty” in the literature, and it is really crucial to be well-informed on this topic to prevent the problem and stick to the ethical norms. With this motive, the aim of this study is to investigate the prospective academicians’ views on plagiarism, the degree to which they are knowledgeable about plagiarism, and the factors leading them to plagiarize, if any. The results showed although the prospective academicia...
Unethical Behaviors of Faculty Members in Classroom from the Perspective of Students
Dinc, Reyhan Gedik; Gizir, Sidika (2019-04-01)
This qualitative study aims to determine the unethical behaviors that faculty members exhibit in the classroom environment from the perspective of undergraduate students. The study group of this research consisted of 30 participants selected from 946 (617 female, 329 male) junior and senior university students studying at seven different departments of the Faculty of Education at Mersin University (Turkish Language Education, Mathematics Education, Primary School Teaching, English Language Teaching, Early C...
Improbable differential attacks on PRESENT using undisturbed bits
Tezcan, Cihangir (2014-03-15)
In this study, we introduce a new criteria for evaluating S-boxes and attack PRESENT by exploiting its S-box. Depending on the design of an S-box, when a specific difference is given as the input (resp. output) of the S-box, the difference of at least one of the output (resp. input) bits of the S-box may be guessed with probability 1. We call such bits undisturbed and they are helpful for constructing longer or better truncated, impossible or improbable differentials. Without using undisturbed bits, the lon...
Adversarial segmentation loss for sketch colorization
Hicsonmez, Samet; Samet, Nermin; Akbaş, Emre; DUYGULU ŞAHİN, PINAR (2021-01-01)
We introduce a new method for generating color images from sketches or edge maps. Current methods either require some form of additional user-guidance or are limited to the “paired” translation approach. We argue that segmentation information could provide valuable guidance for sketch colorization. To this end, we propose to leverage semantic image segmentation, as provided by a general purpose panoptic segmentation network, to create an additional adversarial loss function. Our loss function can be integra...
Tweet recommendation under user interest modeling with named entity recognition
Karatay, Deniz; Karagöz, Pınar; Department of Computer Engineering (2014)
Twitter has become one of the most important communication channels with its ability of providing the most up-to-date and newsworthy information. Considering wide use of Twitter as the source of information, reaching an interesting tweet for a user among a bunch of tweets is challenging. As a result of huge amount of tweets sent per day by hundred millions of users, information overload is inevitable. In order for users to reach the information that they are interested easily, recommendation of tweets is an...
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