Plagiarism in higher education: A case study with prospective academicians

Being a growing problem, plagiarism is generally defined as “literary theft” and “academic dishonesty” in the literature, and it is really crucial to be well-informed on this topic to prevent the problem and stick to the ethical norms. With this motive, the aim of this study is to investigate the prospective academicians’ views on plagiarism, the degree to which they are knowledgeable about plagiarism, and the factors leading them to plagiarize, if any. The results showed although the prospective academicians have negative attitude, they might plagiarize due to foreign language problems, time constraints, and lack of knowledge about plagiarism.


Academic dishonesty among undergraduate students: Predicting the role of academic moral disengagement and academic motivation in academic dishonesty
Köfünyeli, Kerime; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim; Department of Educational Sciences (2022-4-7)
The purpose of the study was to develop a thorough understanding of academic dishonesty in undergraduate students. Data were collected from 442 undergraduate students from a state university in Ankara with Academic Motivation Scale, Academic Moral Disengagement Scale, Academic Dishonesty Scale, and Academic Dishonesty Questionnaire. Two hierarchical regression analyses were conducted to examine effect of academic moral disengagement, academic motivation, awareness of academic dishonesty regulations, gender,...
Internet plagiarism in higher education: tendencies, triggering factors and reasons among teacher candidates
Eret, Esra; Ok, Ahmet (Informa UK Limited, 2014-01-01)
While plagiarism has been a growing problem in higher education for a long time, the use of the Internet has made this increasing problem more unmanageable. In many countries, this problem has become a matter of discussion, and higher education institutions feel obliged to review their policies on academic dishonesty. As part of these efforts, the study aims to examine the tendencies of teacher candidates to plagiarise using the Internet, factors affecting their tendencies and the reasons for plagiarism. In...
Perceived Effectiveness of Turnitin® in Detecting Plagiarism in Presentation Slides
Balbay, Seher (2019-01-01)
This cross-sectional survey study investigates students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of Turnitin in detecting plagiarism in academic presentation slides. The data was collected online from 311 students studying at a prominent English-medium instruction university in Turkey. The findings indicated that more than half of them believed in the effectiveness of Turnitin in detecting plagiarism in presentations. Students perceived themselves as academically honest when preparing their presentations. Also, th...
Unethical Behaviors of Faculty Members in Classroom from the Perspective of Students
Dinc, Reyhan Gedik; Gizir, Sidika (2019-04-01)
This qualitative study aims to determine the unethical behaviors that faculty members exhibit in the classroom environment from the perspective of undergraduate students. The study group of this research consisted of 30 participants selected from 946 (617 female, 329 male) junior and senior university students studying at seven different departments of the Faculty of Education at Mersin University (Turkish Language Education, Mathematics Education, Primary School Teaching, English Language Teaching, Early C...
A Model for Doctoral Students' Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Written Feedback for Academic Writing
Can, Gülfidan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2011-08-01)
The purpose of this study is to investigate social science doctoral students' perceptions and attitudes toward written feedback about their academic writing and towards those who provide it. The study culminates in an explanatory model to describe the relationships between students' perceptions and attitudes, their revision decisions, and other relevant factors in their written feedback practices. The investigation used a mixed methods approach involving 276 participants from two large mountain west public ...
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