A Certificate based Context Aware Access Control ModelFor Smart Mobile Devices In Ubiquitous Computing Environments

Çavdar, Davut
Yortanlı, Ahmet
Eren, Pekin Erhan
Koçyiğit, Altan
UBICOMM 2014 : The Eighth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies, (24 - 28 Ağustos 2014)


A certificate based authentication control model using smart mobile devices for ubiquitous computing environments
Çavdar, Davut; Eren, Pekin Erhan; Department of Information Systems (2011)
In this thesis work, a certificate based authentication model supported by mobile devices is provided for ubiquitous computing environments. The model primarily aims to create an infrastructure for controlling and regulating access requests through mobile devices to local resources and services. The model also allows users from different domains to use local resources and services within the scope of agreements between domains. In addition to conceptual description of the model, a real prototype implementat...
A Life Cycle Assessment Based Decision Support Model For Architecture engineering construction AEC Projects
Kayaçetin, Nuri Cihan; Tanyer, Ali Murat (2016-10-31)
Environmental evaluation of built-environment has rapidly improved in our decade. As the ArchitectureEngineering-Construction (AEC) industry is proved to have the highest share in resource demand, environmental impact of construction activities draws attention of many parties. Starting from high-performance buildings to green certificated examples, optimizing both the performance and profitability of AEC products have been the main goal of researchers and practitioners. Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is consid...
A certificate based, context aware access control model for multi domain environments
Yortanlı, Ahmet; Koçyiğit, Altan; Department of Information Systems (2010)
A certificate based approach is proposed for access control operations of context aware systems for multi domain environments. New model deals with the removal of inter-domain communication requirement in access request evaluation process. The study is applied on a prototype implementation with configuration for two di erent cases to show the applicability of the proposed certificate based, context aware access control model for multi domain environments. The outputs for the cases show that proposed access ...
A substructure based parallel linear solution framework for structural systems having multiple loading cases
Kurç, Özgür (2005-10-31)
This study presents a substructure based parallel linear solution framework for the static analysis of linear structural engineering problems having multiple loading cases. The framework is composed of two separate programs designed to work on PC Clusters having the Windows operating system. The first program is responsible for creating the optimum substructures for the parallel solution and first partitions the structure in such a way that the number of substructures is equal to the number of processors. T...
A Reflexion Model based Architecture Conformance Analysis Toolkit for OSGi-compliant Applications
Cilden, Evren; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S. (2017-04-07)
Component-based software platforms like OSGi facilitate the development of complex software. As software systems become more complicated, tool support is often a necessity for assuring the conformance between designed and implemented architectures. We present ARTOS, an architecture toolkit to facilitate the design and conformance analysis of the software running on the OSGi platform. The toolkit consists of an architecture editor and a conformance analyzer. The editor provides definition constructs specific...
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