Why is it hard to refuse? Refusal strategies in Turkish

Gedık Bal, Nur
Hatipoğlu, Çiler


Why do REIT prices change? The information content of Barron's "The Ground Floor"
Downs, DH; Güner, Zehra Nuray; Hartzell, DJ; Torres, MA (2001-01-01)
This article examines the information content in a series of market commentaries covering the publicly traded real estate market. The data are constructed from REIT-specific announcements published in a widely disseminated source of market commentary. The empirical methodology is designed to test whether the unexpected price change and unexpected volume are significant on the announcement day. The results demonstrate that the market commentaries provide information that impacts prices and that investors use...
Why Do Women Endorse Honor Beliefs? Ambivalent Sexism and Religiosity as Predictors
Glick, Peter; Sakallı, Nuray; Akbas, Gulcin; Orta, Irem Metin; Ceylan, Suzan (2016-12-01)
Cultures of honor, such as Turkey, prioritize defending individual and family reputations, but in gender-specific ways (Nisbett and Cohen 1996). Men maintain honor via reputations for toughness, aggression, control over women, and avenging insults. Women maintain honor through obedience to men, sexual modesty, and religious piety. Honor beliefs support women's subordination, justifying violence against them (Sev'er and Yurdakul, Violence against Women, 7, 964-998, 2001) and therefore should be challenged. U...
Why are there sex differences in risky driving? The relationship between sex and gender-role on aggressive driving, traffic offences, and accident involvement among young Turkish drivers
Özkan, Türker (Wiley, 2005-01-01)
The aim of this study was to investigate how sex (male and female) and gender-role (masculinity and femininity) and their interaction were associated with risky driving behaviors, traffic offences, and accident involvement among young Turkish drivers. Three-hundred and fifty-four young drivers (221 males and 133 females) filled in a form including the short form of Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI), the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire (DBQ), questions about a driver's accident history, and background information...
Why Do Adults Use Baby Talk in the Online Space? Baby Talk as a Pragmatic Face Device in Adult Communication
Efeoğlu Özcan, Esranur; Erdoğan Öztürk, Yasemin; Işık Güler, Hale (2021-12-01)
This study aims to explore the motives and pragmatic functions of baby talk in adultto- adult communication in the online space. By concentrating on a recent communicative trend of using scripted baby talk in Turkish language by the Turkish social media users, we seek to answer why adults collectively adopt a speech register which is primarily used in adult-infant communication in their online socializations. Drawing on the Goffmanian notion of face and the theory of (im)politeness, the study argues that ba...
Why Do Students Remember Some Teacher-Generated Analogies More Than Others?
Ubuz, Behiye (null; 2018-09-03)
PageAbout EERAConferencesNetworksSeason SchoolsPublicationsAbstractsBreadcrumb NavigationWhy Do Students Remember Some Teacher-Generated Analogies More Than Others?Main ContentEmel Ünver SezerBehiye UbuzConference:Format:ContributionThe notion of function, which is considered to be fundamental to the development of mathematical knowledge and knowledge in other subject areas in school-curriculum, is so abstract and it has been found notoriously difficult for most students (Cuoco, 1995). The understanding of ...
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