Crises Reforms and Scientific Improvements Behaviorism in the Last Two Centuries

Gökmenoğlu Karakaya, Tuba
Eret, Esra
Kiraz, Ercan


Earthquakes vulnerability and disaster risk Georgia case
Tsereteli, Nino; Varazanashvili, Otar; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül (null; 2015-04-12)
The Republic of Georgia, located on the East coast of the Black Sea, is prone to multiple natural hazards, the most dangerous and devastating of which are strong earthquakes. This work issues a call for advance planning and action to reduce natural disaster risks, notably seismic risk through the investigation of vulnerability and seismic hazard for Georgia. Ground motion prediction equations are essential for several purposes ranging from seismic design and analysis to probabilistic seismic hazard assessme...
Modernization processes and constitutional revolutions in the Ottoman Empire and Iran
Arslan, Sanem; Tür Küçükkaya, Özlem; Department of Middle East Studies (2010)
This thesis aims to analyze the early modernization processes in the Ottoman Empire and Iran up to the end of their eventual constitutional revolutions of the early twentieth century in a comparative manner. In looking at the countries’ modernization processes, it emphasizes the importance of foreign influence – that of Western powers and Russia. It argues that these processes were a response to the rising socio-political and economic power of the West and Western intrusions into the territories of each sta...
Institutional Economic Approaches to Technology
Gürkan, Ceyhun; Özveren, Eyüp; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2004)
By probing Thorstein B. Veblen̕s (1857-1929) and Joseph A. Schumpeter̕s (1883-1950) views on technology, this thesis aims at displaying an institutional economic approach to technology. Most of the contemporary studies on technological change are under the dominance of neoclassical economics. Because of their inadequacies in revealing the complex structure of technological phenomena due to their adherence to mechanistic and deterministic postulations of orthodox economic theory, an institutional approach to...
Institutional political economy of economic development and global governance
Özçelik, Emre; Özveren, Eyüp; Department of Economics (2006)
There are two inter-related themes of this thesis: Economic development and global governance. We develop a perspective of what we call ‘Institutional International Political Economy’ (IIPE) in order to: i) assess the likelihood of developmental success on the part of the Third World countries in the twenty-first century, and ii) analyze the developmental and world-systemic implications of the so-called ‘global governance model’, which we conceptualize as an ultra-liberal capitalist project on the part of...
Floods and their impacts on River Bridges
Baduna Koçyiğit, Müsteyde; Akay, Hüseyin; Yanmaz, Ali Melih (null; 2016-03-03)
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T. Gökmenoğlu Karakaya, E. Eret, and E. Kiraz, “Crises Reforms and Scientific Improvements Behaviorism in the Last Two Centuries,” İlköğretim Online (elektronik), pp. 292–300, 2010, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: