A Material Perspective on Consequences of Deformation Heating During Stamping of DP Steels

Şimşir, Caner
Efe, Mert
Çetin, Barış
International Deep Drawing Research Group (IDDRG), (2 - 06 Temmuz 2017)


A Material Perspective on Consequence of Deformation Heating During Stamping of DP Steels
ŞİMŞİR, CANER; Cetin, B.; Efe, Mert; Davut, K.; Bayramin, B. (2017-07-06)
Recent studies showed that, during stamping of high strength steels at industrially relevant production rates, local temperature in the blank may rise up to 200°C – 300°C due to deformation heating. Moreover, die temperature may also rise up to 100°C – 150°C for progressive stamping dies. Based on the common assumption that the blank softens as the temperature increases, thermal softening creates a margin in Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) and therefore the FLD determined at room temperature can safely be used ...
A Paleolimnological Approach to Understand Regime-Shift Dynamics in Ladik Lake (North Turkey)
Maraşlioğlu, Faruk; Soylu, Elif Neyran; Avşar, Ulaş; Hubert-Ferrari, Aurelia (2023-01-01)
A comparative study on the stability formulas of rubble mound breakwaters
Guler, Hasan Gokhan; Ergin, Ayşen; Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar (2014-01-01)
An example study showed that there may be 70% difference in armour stone weight when Van der Meer (1988) and Van Gent et al. (2004) formulas are applied as recommended by "The Rock Manual: The use of rock in hydraulic engineering" (2007) with specific design constraints. In this paper, questions arise in the application of these formulas and their dependence on certain design constraints given in literature as mentioned in "The Rock Manual: The use of rock in hydraulic engineering" (2007) are discussed. Bas...
A comparative study of empirical potential energy functions: Applications to silicon microclusters
Erkoç, Şakir; Takahashi, K (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2004-03-01)
A comparative study has been performed for silicon microclusters, Si-3 and Si-4, considering fifteen different empirical potential energy functions. It has been found that only two of the empirical potential energy functions give linear structure more stable for Si-3, the remaining potential functions give triangular structure as more stable. In the case of Si-4 microclusters eight potential functions give open tetrahedral structure as more stable, two functions give perfect tetrahedral as more stable, thre...
A comparative study of the thermal performance of building materials
Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Surmeli, Nesen; Yannas, Simos (2006-12-01)
This study focuses on the environmental performance of a selection of buildings in the typical Central Anatolian village of Şahmuratli in Turkey. The objective was to search for affordable and energy-efficient construction techniques suitable for rural settlements and incorporating traditional cultural values in a semi-arid upland region characterised by long severe winters and hot, dry summers. This was pursued by analysing temperature and humidity measurements within buildings constructed from a variety o...
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