Bridging the Real Divide: The Importance of Social and Regional Policy in Turkey’s EU Accession Process

Tsarouhas, Dimitris
Ertugal Özveren, Ebru
Aybars, Ayşe İdil


Bridging borders from Asia to Europe: a case study on Uyghur and Hazara migration to Turkey
Vander Velde, Madeline Andrea; Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık; Department of International Relations (2019)
In the last five years, Turkey has hosted the most refugees in the world. Although very different in regard to the journeys they take as asylum seekers, Uyghurs and Hazaras make up two of these refugee communities that end their passage in Turkey. By first exploring related critical political moments and ethno-cultural identity, this thesis intends to identify the beginnings of persecution and connect them to more recent developments. The objective is to examine how the refugee path to protection of these t...
Bridging the Gap between the PhD Thesis and the Publishable Research Article: A Corpus-Based Genre Analysis of Introductions in Applied Linguistics
Işık, Elvan Eda (2021-12-01)
Transcending New Public Management: The Transformation of Public Sector Reforms
Şener, Hasan Engin (2008-09-01)
Rescaling of social relations towards subnational regional space : an investigation of Turkish case
Gündoğdu, İbrahim; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2006)
In the last thirty years, capitalist social relation on the one hand, created a world that is interconnected in the means of economic and political; on the other hand, produced differentiated and fragmented uneven spaces. In this context, social theory has interested in space and spatial differences, and inserted space into analysis of social relations for some time. In this thesis, the current issue of the construction of subnational regional space is explored through a conceptual approach in which space i...
Straddling Two Continents: Social Policy and Welfare Politics in Turkey
Aybars, Ayşe İdil (Wiley, 2010-12-01)
There has been an increasing academic interest in understanding the dynamics of social policy in the Middle East and developing a conceptual 'model' to account for the particular characteristics of welfare arrangements in the countries of the region. While part of this framework, Turkey represents an exceptional case due to the Europeanization processes the country is undergoing in various policy areas, including social policy. The influence of the European Union on the shape of Turkish social policy, as il...
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D. Tsarouhas, E. Ertugal Özveren, and A. İ. Aybars, Bridging the Real Divide: The Importance of Social and Regional Policy in Turkey’s EU Accession Process. 2007, p. 279.