Reputation and Attraction: How Can Young Universities Appeal

Yılmaz, Cengiz


Face detection using learning networks.
Tek, Faik Boray; Alatan, Aydın; Bozdağ Akar, Gözde; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2002)
Leisure constraints and negotiation strategies in tourism recreation: a comperative research with different cultures
Tek, Tolga; Koçak, Mehmet Settar; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2018)
The main problem of this study was to describe perceived constraints encountered and negotiation strategies utilized by foreign tourists in a recreational sport setting in different regions of Turkey. Moreover, discreteness in negotiation was examined according to gender, participation, the level and type of perceived constraint encountered. A questionnaire was conducted to a sample of randomly selected foreign tourists in different regions from Turkey. The modification study of Leisure Constraints Question...
Engagement exploration, explanation, extension, and, evaluation (5E) learning cycle and conceptual change text as learning tools
Balci, Sibel; Çakıroğlu, Jale; Öztekin, Ceren (2006-05-01)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects. of the Engagement Exploration, Explanation Extension, and Evaluation (5E) learning cycle, conceptual change texts, and traditional instructions on 8th grade students' understanding of photosynthesis and respiration in plants. Students' understanding of photosynthesis and respiration in plants was measured using the test developed by Haslam and Treagust (F Haslam, D, F- Treagust (1987) Diagnosing secondary students' misconceptions of photosynthesis and...
Nation-bounded internationalization of higher education: A comparative analysis of two periphery countries
Bulut Şahin, Betül (2022-12-05)
Stature: Does it really make a difference in match-play outcomes among professional tennis players?
Söğüt, Mustafa (2018-01-01)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of body height on match-play characteristics among professional tennis players participated in the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Anthropometric features and 11 match-play statistics of 119 players (male=60, female=59) were obtained from the official web page of the tournament and/or from the ATP and WTA. They were divided into three consecutive sub-groups according to their heights. Results revealed that, regardless of gender, players in the tallest gro...
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